03 December 2007

Meg's Masterpiece

I have to show off a little bit this week! A few weeks back I decided to do a helicopter on canvas for Noah for Christmas since he is still very into them. I searched on the Internet to try and find a helicopter picture that I could possibly use. With a little bit of editing, and using tracing paper I managed to transfer it onto canvas. The painting was pretty straight forward, just using various test pots from Resene and also a little bit of pencil/pen to help with the shading....and I am well chuffed with the results!


This week we have had some fun.....dressing up George the monkey in Noah's sandals, Noah playing Superman and riding on his ride-on and putting up the Christmas tree on the weekend. Once again Noah has continued to amaze us with his long sleep - clocking up 2 hrs 40 mins on Sunday which is just about a world record!

This coming weekend we are off to the Hawkes Bay for a friend's wedding and to stay with our dear friends Tracey & Dayne who moved up there a few months back. They're going to look after Noah for us on the Saturday so we can go to the wedding so we hope he is a good boy!

Not too many words tonight as I can't seem to get inspired to write much, so I'll just let our fun photos do the talking.

Mark might also have something to say about Becks being in town but I'll leave that to him!

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