27 December 2007

Country Life

Oh what it is to be on holiday in the country... the sweet sound of birds, the wind rustling in the trees and the occasional animal call.

Mark and I were commenting that coming to visit Nana and Poppa in the country actually feels like we’ve gone to a real holiday destination because it is so different to our daily life in Wellington. I also think that having a little one really opens your eyes to the joys and delights of all that is around us which might pass us by if we simply looked with adults’ eyes.

We have taken several trips in the wheelbarrow to see the cows/sheep/horses/donkeys, with muscle assistance kindly provided by Poppa and Uncle Nic too. Noah is clearing saying ‘Nana’ and ‘Poppa’ now, and asking where they are if they are not in the room, amazing given that he only started saying these words on Christmas Eve. He is quite enthralled with the 3 cats (Nigs, Tui and Frank) who are all a little wary of this wee creature who is ever so interested in them and likes to follow them around.

Yesterday afternoon we took advantage of the Boxing Day Sale and picked up a ride-on bike (which Noah has been riding confidently all over the house) and a kite. It was incredibly windy yesterday afternoon so we were able to get some good speed and height up when we took it out for its inaugural flight. Noah with his keen eyesight also spotted a ‘bboon’ (hot air balloon) in the distance this morning.

Noah helped Poppa dig up some potatoes ‘tartoe’ for dinner and very proudly carried his own ‘tartoe’ inside to give to Nana. He also enjoyed helping Nana pick some mint & chives for the salad.

Last night Sam & Ainsley came for dinner with Kip - who Noah is still not too sure of when he gets up close and personal! Noah did his best to make eyes at Ainsley across the dinner table with a face covered in blueberry pie which was hilarious. After packing Noah off to bed, all seven of us played two games of Cranium together - good fun!

Tomorrow the much anticipated trip to the Hamilton Zoo awaits!

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