25 December 2007

Crackin Christmas

This morning dawned warm with fluffy clouds and although at midday it has now clouded over we are lucky to have enjoyed a morning outside as rain was most definitely forecast. We opened Noah’s curtains this morning to find Poppa out in the field doing some early morning work (naughty) and two cats outside the window. In a matter of seconds Noah was half hanging out the window waving to Poppa and exclaiming at two cats come to visit him.

Daddy was so excited about opening Noah’s presents this morning (was that so he could play with them or Noah…!) that we barely got through breakfast before he was dragging us all into the lounge to rip into them. There was clearly an aviation theme running through most of them, nothing like encouraging him down a certain pathway from an early age! The rip-cord helicopters (from the $2 shop) were great fun to fly outdoors, and the pull-back and go TNT jumbo jet that Poppa got from his work was quite the hit too. However, he really is still too young to appreciate all the presents and was quite happy to leave them all behind to go and play in the dirt outside with Daddy. Then we braved another trip in the wheelbarrow (with no complaints this time…so very Noah!) travelling a bit further down the road to see some sheep and a very friendly horse. He very nearly fell asleep in the wheelbarrow on the way back, and so we have packed him off to bed for a nap to recover from the morning’s excitement. Daddy and Poppa have since been busy building Poppa’s Christmas present for the last hour, a gas barbecue which we are going to try out for lunch very shortly!

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