17 December 2007

Short n Sweet

As the number of sleeps to Christmas are flying by at a rate of knots and we're busy trying to get ready for our trip up to see the family, this is literally just a hello and to post a few photos from the week.

Noah met Romeo the bunny on Saturday at our friends' Sally & Olly's housewarming. If we went outside to see Romeo once while we were there, we went a dozen times as he was rather intrigued by this gorgeous animal and kept signing 'rabbit' 'rabbit'.

Saturday night we caught up with Shannon & Guy who are about to open their furniture store Vast next week, Jonny came over to stay the night so the boys could get up at silly o'clock (4am) to watch their West Ham v Everton derby, and then Meg was busy all Sunday on hospitality at church. The two boys went out to feed the ducks who nearly feasted on them they were so hungry. Mark said the pigeons were literally landing on their heads (which Noah wasn't too happy about) and Mark even picked up a pigeon in each hand.

I had a full-on day at work today trying to firefight a potential major telecommunications disaster, finding a temporary fix at 4.45pm after working on it all day and having the horrible potential of having to sleep the night at work as an interim solution, which thankfully I didn't have to do.

Onto packing and organising, and we're sure we'll have plenty of blog updates over the holiday period to come! In the meantime, click on the link below to check out us three starring as Elfs in our very own Christmas carol...
(You need to have Flash Player installed to view it but it's worth it!)

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