14 October 2007

Our brave wee man

Well we are through and out the other side of Noah's operation day...and to be honest as a parent you question why given the choice would you put your child through an operation like this!! Of course you do as it is for the 'greater good' but the trauma isn't easy on child or parents.

Firstly, on Thursday (a day before the op) Meghan recieved a call that Noah's operation time had been bought forward to 8am. This was great news, as it meant we didn't need to worry about starving him during the morning, but instead could take him straight to the hospital.

We got to hospital at 7.30am, but unfortunately the operation had been delayed for a few hours due to a another baby needing more urgent treatment (this included a specialist surgeon flying up from Chirstchurch to perform the procedure). Noah was magic....he didn't complain once about not having his 7am bottle of milk or weetbix, but instead amused himself and kept our minds off the job in hand. The 2 hour delay turned into 3 hours and luckily Noah decided a sleep was in order, so when we got the call from the anaesthetist he was still fast asleep and needed to be woken up. Meghan had the horrible task of being with him until the final moment as he went under, and returned to me a little tearful.


The longest 45 minutes of our lives past and we had the call to go and get him....you've never seen two parents move so quickly!!! We met him in the recovery room and all he wanted was George (the monkey) and Mum....both were there to give him the love he needed. A few bubbles later (long story, but one of the theatre staff had some bubbles!!) we hopped on the bed and had an orderly take us back down to our room, where we had to wait for a minimum of two hours and a wee wee from Noah!!

As expected, Noah drank and drank and drank (and slept), but no wee for four hours!! This meant our day at Wellington hospital was a very, very long one, and one we will want to forget in a hurry!!

He was very sore when we got home, and managed a few half hearted smiles (and a flex of the muscles....one of the new things he likes to do) but a quick shower, a bottle and some drugs saw him sleep for a full 12 and a 1/2 hours.....what a boy!! Must have been something his little body needed.

Saturday was a very relaxed day, although we took him shopping and then in the afternoon out to Lower Hutt to the shopping Mall. We managed to keep him busy and stationary, as the position in his stroller seemed to suit his bruising etc. He even started walking in the afternoon....no mean feat if you see the size of his scrotum and how black and blue it actually is, but Noah is Noah and nothing was keeping him down. However, most of his time at home was sitting/lying on his 'Bob the builder' couch/bed, probably the most comfortable position for him. Mum and Dad tended to him with toys and food/drink.



Another 11 hours of sleep, and Sunday morning was a little different. A lot sorer and a little more agitated unfortunately, but none the less a smile, laugh and flex of the muscles saw Noah help Daddy cheer on England to the final of the world cup!!! (get in there my son....) He didn't want to eat or drink for most of the day, which was really hard work. At times I think it made me and Meghan lose sight of what he has actually been through over the last 48 hours, as we were complaining about how fussy he has become with his food, when really we should realise that his body will take time to heal/recover and when he is hungry, he will let us know. He couldn't stop wanting to walk around the house, helping both Mum and Dad with various cleaning activities, but you could see he was pushing himself a little too far sometimes!!

What a trooper we have, and we are both praying that he continues his recovery over the next week and somewhere along the way finds his appetite as well.....


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