20 January 2008

Adventurous Boy

We have noticed that Noah has become more adventurous of late, which we have seen by his attempts to throw himself headfirst off the futon couch - it has effectively become his crash mat at home, and his daring at the park in going down the slide all on his own. He's also very adept on the stairs, and can now successfully negotiate the down steps with 'no hands!'

It's a long weekend in Wellington, not that we really feel we need another holiday this close to Christmas, and we made the most of our time by going out visiting some friends on their gorgeous 10-acre block just outside Paetahanui on Saturday morning with a combined trip to the supermarket and baby shop (to buy a potty!) along the way. It is probably still a little early for potty training but we figure it can't hurt to have it in the house and remind Noah from time to time what it's for, and if an oppportunity does present itself, we'll try to pop him on there at the appropriate time.

Yesterday (Sunday) Mark went out for a practice bike ride in preparation for his Akatarawa Attack race next Sunday (a 4-hr orienteering mountain bike ride with a team of friends), whilst Noah and I made some lemon muffins - Noah was very helpful in trying to get the rind off the lemons and also helping with the washing up - although I think most of the water from the sink ended up on the floor by the end of it. It was such a lovely morning we also took a trip to see the ducks. Noah has FINALLY figured out that the frozen bread is actually much better thrown to the ducks than in his mouth, so was enthusiastically helping throw in the 4 pieces we took with us. Then it was a short hop up to the play area where Noah showed off his new-found confidence in climbing up the jungle gym and then sliding down the slide for me. Once Mark returned from his ride, we both enjoyed a quiet and relaxing coffee (me in the sun outside with a book whilst Mark surfed the net).

This afternoon we took Noah to his very first cricket game, a 20/20 (20 overs each) cricket match, Wellington vs. Central Districts. We stayed for about an hour and a half, Noah was very good and enjoyed going to see the rollers for the pitch - he thought they were diggers, the fact that they were about the right size, orange with Hirequip signage one can hardly blame him. We also saw plenty of helicopters and planes overhead to keep him amused for the duration.

Late in the day, the 2 children from next door (Natasha - five and Chris - three) came over for a visit, bringing us several bunches of flowers (clover/daisies/grasses), enjoying playing with some of Noah's toys and sitting down with us to watch a Baby Einstein DVD before Dad (Alan) came over to coax them home with the prospect of making homemade pizzas for dinner.

Earlier in the week, Mark and I were fortunate enough to be invited to The Police concert at short notice. Neither of us are massive fans but it was an enjoyable night watching Fergie (the sideline act) and catching up with Keryn and Marissa (for Marissa's birthday treat) all the same. The polished light show/stage effects were quite impressive and it was a treat to be able to go to an outdoors evening concert in Wellington with such good weather!

Today (Monday) is so hot and still - a perfect public holiday day really! This morning we've webcammed with Grandma & Grandad, and then 'Aunty' Claire in the UK for the first time which was a treat - although Noah had just gone off for a sleep so missed this one :-(. We're off to Jules' for lunch today so I can help her set up her new laptop with the Internet etc and then a swim - a must on such a warm day!

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