24 April 2008

From The Week That Was....

You know when you have one of those weeks? Well last week was like that for us. After the doctor told us on Tuesday morning that Noah’s ear was still pretty inflamed and warned us we might not be able to travel on Saturday, we got a bit of a shock. Suddenly we were thrown into focusing on how best to get Noah well by the weekend so he didn’t go to day-care at all, Mark and I were suddenly juggling how to get through all our remaining workload at work whilst looking after Noah too, so Mark worked 7am-3pm so I could then work 3pm-10pm. Unfortunately, my study went out the window for the week so it was a good thing that I had already finished all my preparation for the first workshop.

The extra strain and busyness this put on an already busy week was evidenced in me managing to trip on a stair on my way to my first workshop, coming away with a grazed elbow and two black kneecaps to show for it. It could have been a whole lot worse than it was so I am counting myself very lucky just to have a few bruises rather than broken bones! Then as Mark came to collect me from the workshop to go to the airport, some lunatic came round a corner and drove straight into our car on the driver’s side. Luckily it was only surface damage to the paint work and the driver paid Mark $200 in cash there and then rather than go through insurance.

So you can imagine our utter relief to actually get on the plane on Saturday afternoon, as there were a few moments this week when we really did wonder whether we would ever make it!

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