28 April 2008

More than just surviving in sunny Somerset

Our first few days in England have been a bit of a mixed bag. We suffered quite heavily from jetlag particular with Noah being up in the night the first few nights and then finding it quite difficult to get back to sleep. On top of that, Mark came down with a sick bug and spent a whole day in bed which mirrored what happened to him last time we came over - very strange. However, now that we seem to be through all that and all sleeping a lot better we've been able to really start to enjoy our time here.

We've been blessed with glorious sunshine and some lovely warm days, the warmest they've had all spring, and we've been able to fully enjoy Grandma's garden, walks around the village to see various wildlife and play in the park. Yesterday we even visited a farmers market at Montacute House where we sampled delicious locally made fresh fare (ale, cheese, sausages, bacon, chocolate, and icecream).

This weekend has seen the extended UK family get together for the first time ever, us three, Grandma, Grandad, and James, Ann-Marie and Jack so it has been a rather special family time. Jack and Noah have so enjoyed spending time together and played so happily together, it really has been a delight for us adults to see. Jack was so gentle and kind with Noah and really looked out for him the whole weekend, including wanting to push him in the stroller when we went out for a walk.

Us adults enjoyed a wonderful meal out at one of Mum and Dad's favourite haunts, The Masons Arms in Lower Odcombe together on Saturday night, an opportunity for a grown-up catch up that is extra special when it only happens once every two years. The highlights for us over the last few days have been seeing Noah so enjoying spending time with the family, he especially loved playing at the park with his Aunty Ann-Marie 'Ann-Ree' yesterday and having a bath with Jack on Friday night.

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