06 April 2008

Not a lot....

Well...two weeks until we embark on Noah's first big trip and the packing has already begun!! Sad I know, but when you've got a toddler a game plan has to be adhered to.

Not much to report this week....$1000 spent on our car (a new radiator) with a possible $1000 more when we get back (Cam belt!!)....afternoon tea with Noah's antenatal friend 'Grace'....and some gardening on Sunday as Mark went wild with the clippers and saw on the olive trees and ended with a trip to the rubbish dump..mind you it looks a lot tidier now! Fish and Chips with Jules (Baba) on Saturday night and now the clocks have gone back, so it's dark and cold (winter has nearly arrived!!)

We will write more next week when we've got a bit more time, in our last blog before we go. Until then a few photo's of our weekend....enjoy....

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