17 May 2008

Sawatdee Ka & home again


We enjoyed a one-night stopover on the way home in a gorgeous brand new Novotel resort hotel right next to the new Bangkok airport. It was so worth the stop and the chance to be pampered for 24 hours after being stuck on a plane was just bliss.

The Thai people are probably the friendliest race of people I've come across, and everyone we met had a very cheerful 'Sawatdee Ka' greeting with a slight bow with hands together. They all made such a fuss of Noah and his monkey George that I think he felt like a real star! The experience clearly made such an impact on Noah that before we left he was even emulating the greeting 'Sawatdee Ka', hands clasped together and all!

The flights home went fairly well, the Thai Airways flight was very empty on the last leg home from Bangkok so we were able to spread out across 2 rows of seats and were waited on hand and foot which was an absolute luxury.

We arrived home on Thursday and 3 hours later I was out at a group meeting to prepare for our group presentation at the 2nd PAS workshop held yesterday and today. Sleep was not very forthcoming that first night home so I was a little worried at how I would cope with 10 hours of intensive accounting work, but all in all I think it went OK, I didn't feel on top of my game for the individual assessment today but hopefully I did enough to pass, and I am just so pleased that Mark and Noah have been OK over the last couple of nights and days without me. Noah has woken up a few hours in a row both nights but Mark managed to get him back to sleep each time, and hopefully every night that passes we're getting more back into our normal routines.

We are all very much looking forward to a relaxing and lazy Sunday together tomorrow.

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