15 June 2008

A New Lease of Life

We didn't manage a blog last week, it was a pretty busy week for us all. After thinking we may have escaped the latest chickenpox epidemic at daycare, we found 3 pretty suspect spots last Tuesday and sure enough it was the pox. So I took Wed/Thu off, and Mark took Friday off as I had to go to my next accounting workshop Fri/Sat.

Noah was the most amazing patient, he only got half a dozen bad spots and apart from being spotty you would never have known that he even had it as he was in such good spirits. We are just hoping he hasn't infected 2 of his little friends Riley and Piper who he saw on the 2 days leading up to the spots appearing. He was back to daycare on Monday, and it was a quiet week there with another 6 kids off with chickenpox. Having heard plenty of horror stories about what it can be like with children who are sick with the chickenpox, we are absolutely counting our blessings that we had such a mild case, and it is pretty great knowing that's that out of the way for Noah now!

Mummy and Noah enjoy an afternoon at the Wellington waterfront during Noah's chickenpox quarantine

My workshop went pretty well, two assessed team activities (one on auditing, one on tax) and after finding out I had passed the previous workshop, I was feeling a little more relaxed about the whole process knowing I was on the right track. Three down, three to go!

This week Noah and I enjoyed catching the cable car home two nights whilst Mark was busy with work events. Noah really enjoys going 'up the tunnels', knows 'the cable car is red' and each time it stops to let people on/off, he tells me he's 'ready to go again'.

This weekend we have enjoyed a) no sickness, and b) no workshop and had a very productive weekend, cleaning out some cupboards around the house and doing a mammoth tidy-up in the garden this afternoon. We were blessed with some beautifully mild weather this weekend, so it was a very pleasant couple of hours out in the garden. As always, we started off thinking we'd just do a 'spot' of tidying up and it ended with Mark having to take another trip to the rubbish dump since we had gotten so carried away! I managed to prune the roses (probably a month too early but at least it's done) whilst Mark attacked the vines down the side of the house, and with any luck it'll be more than six months before we need to go near it again instead of every couple of months like we have been.

Noah had a grand time helping us by 'pretend' cutting back vines and sweeping up alongside us. We took the lid off the sandpit which was swimming in a couple of inches of water, emptied out the water and Noah merrily sat in the wet sand making mud pies and generally finding it fascinating how the water just kept re-appearing in the bottom of the pit.

Noah shows off the cut he got helping in the garden, and bathtime is even more fun now we've got Blackbeard, Rodney and Jim to play with!

We've also been getting a little bit inspired for a bit of redecorating around the house, so have enjoyed collecting a few accessories over the last couple of weeks to jazz the place up a wee bit. We're hoping to repaint the lounge a more neutral colour in the next couple of months, and have plans to take up all the pebbles outside and turn them back into a nice grassed area for Noah this summer so plenty of ideas and plans to keep us inspired for the next little while anyway.

Some new bits and pieces around the house

Next weekend we're hoping to take Noah out to the Lindale Farm centre to meet up with some of the other kiddies from daycare and hopefully see lots of animals..so we'll be keeping our fingers crossed for some decent weather!

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