19 October 2008

Gone potty......


This week has seen us making some great progress in the potty training department, albeit with a fair few bribes along the ways - Ice Age animals, Toy Story figures, and a sticker chart on the fridge, but whatever works right! This weekend Noah has gone for a wee on the potty about ten times, and he even managed a poo on the potty tonight to earn the last two Toy Story figures Buzz and Woody. It'll be interesting to see how he goes at daycare this week, we'll send him in with some pull up pants and ask the teachers to continue encouraging him to use the toilet.

Even though we didn't have much planned this weekend we ended up doing quite a bit and seeing a few people. Saturday morning we spent a little extra time than usual watching the planes as there was no wind and we were fortunate to watch three 737's take off in a row. We enjoyed some spaghetti bacon cheese rolls outside in the still calm air for lunch and then made a dash up to the park after Noah's sleep as the weather was looking like turning into the southerly that had been predicted. Our friend Judith from antenatal and Grace (same age as Noah) met us up there for a runaround, then came back home for a cuppa, and it was nice to catch up with them for the first time in a while.


Sunday we had Mark's friend from work Jared, his girlfriend Carrie and her little girl Charlotte (2 and a half) around for morning tea (brezels, croissants and Mark's chocolate brownie). This afternoon we went up to the park again, and enjoyed running around once more. Noah is actually getting quite good at catching a rugby ball and in the first shot he looks like it'll be next stop hooker for the All Blacks!

Short and sweet this week, but a few photos to enjoy nonetheless. I'm now off on study leave until the exam. I'm (sadly!) looking forward to having the dedicated time, i.e. all day to focus on study, rather than cramming in an hour before work before running in, or trying to stay awake and focused in the evenings after a long day's work. And only 11 days till freedom...to be able to say it in days now is RATHER hard to believe.

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