05 October 2008

My favourite is...marshmellows

Slightly odd title for the week, but we will explain. On Wednesday night, we had musamun curry lined up for Noah for dinner. All the way home we kept saying 'what's Daddy made you for dinner, Noah, musamun.....' to which he said 'currrrrry'. He really loves it so he was more than happy to keep the game going and going.

However, when we got home and as I was lifting him into his chair, I said 'Hey Noah, look it's your favourite, what is it?', expecting him to say 'musamun currrrrrrry'. Instead, he said 'it's marshmellows'. Tee hee, got ya Mum, I know what my favourite is!

This week has been fairly uneventful, I took Tuesday afternoon off work to go and spend with my good friend Becky and her baby Brooke (5 weeks old). Brooke was a really good girl for me, and let me take her out for a big walk around Johnsonville, so her mummy could get some much needed sleep for an hour and a half.


Saturday morning Noah and Daddy did a quick whizz round the supermarket while I managed to get all the vacuuming and bathrooms cleaned while they were out. Then our friends Linda, Andrew and wee Oliver (now not so wee at 18 months old!) came over for brunch..pancakes, with bacon and banana...ala Markie..yum. Then it was onto business, and we went out into the gusty wind to scope out the backyard, as we are hoping Andrew will be able to do some landscaping for us, putting in a fence, a gate and helping us turn our yard back from river stones back to lawn for us to enjoy over the summer.

Later in the afternoon we braved the fierce wind and drizzle and took a trip out to a garden centre and bought tomatoes, lettuce, peas and herbs for our burgeoning vege garden. Sunday morning, we were up bright and early and found some time to put all our purchases into the garden before Mark took Noah off to the Splash Pool in Kilbirnie for a swim while I did a spot of study.

After lunch and a nap, Noah and I went to watch the planes, buy some more plants (flowers and more rocket lettuce), and then pick Daddy up after his netball game. While waiting for Daddy, we stopped into the supermarket to pick up a few bits and saw one of Noah's lovely daycare teachers, Hermione. Noah got all shy and wouldn't look at her to start with but gave her a lovely wave when she said goodbye. As were going around the supermarket, without any prompting he said 'I got a bit shy with Hermione'...bless him. I said 'yes you did'.

It was another one of the teachers last day on Friday as she is going off to have her second baby so they had a pyjama party to farewell her, and it was cute seeing him go off to daycare in his pyjamas, and even cuter to see him and all the others still in their pyjamas running around outside at 5pm when I picked him up!

Then home for a cuppa and a visit from Jonny and Brooke, I enjoyed holding Brooke for about half an hour bouncing her to sleep on the swiss ball and then sitting with her asleep in my arms on the couch. Mark rustled up a risotto in record time and sent Jonny home with enough for him and Becky for dinner, we wolfed ours down, and then it was back outdoors to finish putting in all the rest of the veges we bought this afternoon. We bought some netting to put over our new babies (mostly to keep the Murphster from thinking it looks like an attractive new toilet site!). Hopefully the shade cloth we bought will still let enough light in to get our budding plants to grow safely from any prying claws! Once the plants are established, we should be able to take it off again, but we're not taking any chances after spending so much time, effort and money getting the garden going!


This week, a fairly uneventful one in the making other than Mark doing an 8km hill run in a corporate team multi-sport challenge on Saturday morning. We are enjoying the longer evenings, even tonight it was great to be able to go back outside after dinner to catch the last of the light.

Not too many photos this week, but a few cute ones of Noah being a 'BIG' boy, a few nights this week we have put undies (Scooby Doo ones sent by Grandma & Grandad) on between dinner and bathtime as he was quite excited by the thought of being like his good friend Maya at daycare. Makes me think that potty training can't be far away...just got to get this exam out the way and then will have more time and energy to think about such things....also need to take the sides of Noah's cot too....definitely heading for big boy territory!

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