26 October 2008

Flips, Flops and Jumps!

We are enjoying the last long weekend of the year before Christmas which is (eek!) less than 2 months away now! Noah has continued to do well on the potty this week (even going for some wees on the toilet at daycare). At home we have been encouraging (read: bribing) him with an M&M for doing a wee and a chocolate fish for poos (we've handed out two of those so far!).


I've been off all week studying, and odd though it sounds it has actually been great to have the whole day to focus on the exam uninterrupted. Not that I didn't take a few breaks along the way, however, and went for a couple of runs and a bike ride...for me it was a litle dangling of the carrot for what I can get up to as soon as I'm not studying! This week hasn't been without its hazards as I managed give myself a jolly good slice through the finger with a knife on Wednesday - it didn't stop bleeding for an hour and is still pretty sore now, and then I choked on a grape Thursday and couldn't catch my breath from coughing for a good few minutes... just goes to show that too much study really is bad for you!


Saturday morning we enjoyed having Becky, Jonny and Brooke over for brunch (pancakes, banana & bacon), and after a nap Daddy took Noah swimming while I went to work to do yet more printing and binding of exam notes (I am SO sorry to all the trees!). Last night, we had fun in another homemade cave complete with tunnel entrance, then we turned the tunnel into a wiggly worm, and just before bathtime, Noah found some new found confidence to jump off the couch (a first!) which we captured on video.


Sunday morning it was off to church, home for lunch, and then a trip to the shops as the weather was still too cold and blowy after the overnight southerly to do too much else. We got a present for Maya's birthday (his little girlfriend at daycare is turning 3 on Saturday....takes after his daddy likin older women!), and also bought Noah's first bike. It's called Glide2Ride and hopefully it means we can skip the trike, then training wheels then bike and just have one bike that does the lot! Although he might be too little for it for a wee while yet.


This week, I enjoyed one of my most precious moments yet with Noah, when he came up close to me as I was down on the floor with him and said 'You're beautiful, you have beautiful eyes'. My heart just melted on the spot. Mark was quick to give me a reality check and said that it was only cupboard love as he was about to get an M&M for another successful wee on the toilet, but I prefer to believe it was because he was just being gorgeous and cute! And as Ann-Marie said when we were chatting on Facebook about it in the week, in this family they do know how to woo the ladies!

A couple of other funny videos from last weekend, the first one is entitled Noah Flips and the second one Noah Flops.

Monday night update: we have had a lovely long weekend, the weather finally came right this morning, meaning Mark could take Noah to the ducks/park so I could do some study, Noah and Daddy cooked corn fritters which we enjoyed eating in the sunshine for lunch, and we then headed to the zoo this afternoon for a catch up with all Noah's favourite friends. But the absolute best news is that we put Noah in normal cotton (Scooby Doo!) undies this morning and he had a completely dry day!! This was even though he was out for over an hour with Dad at the ducks this morning and at the zoo this afternoon - and he was happy to go for a wee on a big toilet with Mummy's assistance whilst we were there. Go Noah...you little legend.

Less than 70 hours to go until the exam to end all exams is over! Bring it on!

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