03 November 2008


No two guesses as to why the title of the blog this week is what it is! Freedom for me stands for Feeling Really Enlighted Especially Doing Only My stuff from now on!

The exam went as well as can be expected and I was really pleased not to be too adversely affected by the bladder infection I picked up two days before...so thanks to all the prayers..they definitely worked as I only had to go to the toilet 3 times which was about normal for me anyway! The worst part of the exam was after one hour hearing the supervisor say 'It's 10am, you have 5 hours to go'. But it really felt like no time at all until it was '1 hour to go', and my already furious writing pace had to double!

I was so spoilt after the exam to be treated to flowers (from all the family) and a massage which I have booked for this Thursday. Mark also bought me some lovely gifts, my favourite wine, a new mobile phone, and there's also a Wii Fit on its way. He also made my favourite cake (Jamie Oliver's carrot cake with cream cheese, lime and marscapone icing), and the 3 of us had a lovely curry together too. I really have been too spoilt for words!

It is actually incredibly hard to believe I am finally, finally finished. I am still having to pinch myself all the time to realise that this time it really truly is over. I remember that when I finished my degree, I went straight into preparing for Noah's imminent arrival and always knew I would have to get back into the study in the future to finish the CA qualification, so this time it really is quite a different feeling.

Well no rest for the wicked as they say...we went straight into a very jam packed weekend. Saturday morning we had Maya's 3rd birthday party at Cheeky Rascals. Noah had a blast hanging out with all his daycare pals, and was pretty confident on all the equipment. He tucked into a massive feed and was last man standing at the dinner table as always...!

Then it was home for a quick nap, and out to the Hutt to catch up with the gals (Sally, Marissa, and Bex) and families. Noah was most excited to see Romeo the rabbit and enjoyed hanging out with Magnus too. On the way back to town we picked up Jackie from the station, raced home to cook Mark's friends JP and Leah dinner, and then Mark, Jackie and I went out to the M-co annual staff party at Ohariu Farm. Apart from a 10-minute detour when I sent us down the wrong road on the way out there, it was a good night out!

Sunday morning we went up to the park with Jackie and kicked the football around, and rescued a cat that had got itself stuck up a 15-metre cliff. We gave it some moral support and encouragement and it eventually managed to slide its way back down again. It then proceeded to play with us the whole time we were at the park and tried to follow us some of the way home.

Whilst Noah had a nap, Mark cut back the vines along the house prompting an unplanned trip to the dump once he woke up. Noah was in his element counting all the diggers/rubbish trucks we saw whilst getting rid of all the greenery. Then we dropped Jackie back at the station, and decided to drop in on Shannon and Guy at the shop, inviting them over for an impromptu BBQ. On the way home, we stopped in at Mitre 10 to pick up some more lettuce/rocket plants to replace the casualties of the recent wind, and to get some insecticide as our poor lemon tree is not faring too well already which is a shame. It is hard to tell if it is insects or wind damage from the fairly severe winds we have had recently, or possibly both. Either way we hope we can keep it alive!

And so ended a RATHER busy weekend. Mark and I joked last night that it would appear that we don't actually know how to relax. This was supposed to be a relaxing weekend and turned into anything but. That being said, the best part of the weekend was the ability for us to roll with whatever came our way, and I for one certainly enjoyed being able to be more spontaneous without the thought of the big 'S' (study) over my head.

There are plenty of projects I am looking forward to getting into, but I am going to try to resist starting anything for at least the next week and just enjoy doing not a lot for now!

Mark and I have decided that we really should celebrate the end of this chapter in our lives, so we are having a party in a few week's time which we've invited about 40-odd people to. It's the day after my results come out so here's hoping it really is a celebration! More than anything I wish our lovely families were going to be able to attend to celebrate with us, and I do hope you know that you have all contributed hugely to my success in completing this marathon. I am only through it and out the other side because of all your support and encouragement along the way. So thank you!

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