16 November 2008

Why? Why Mummy?

Noah has learnt how to make good use of the word every parent dreads....why! This week Mark went to Auckland for work for 2 days, and our conversations on the way to daycare and back went a little like this 'Why's Daddy in Auckland?' to which I replied, 'He's gone up there to work', 'Why Mummy?' 'Because he has some friends up there he wanted to do some work with' 'Why Mummy?'. Anyway eventually I managed to answer the questions sufficiently to his liking only to have the same conversation five minutes later. I honestly believe we must have had the same conversation about 20 times over the 2 days. It is lovely to see Noah's development and his ability to question what's going on around him, but it did drive me a little batty all the same!

Daddy cooked us a lasagne which we ate both nights, picnic style in the lounge. We called Mark on the phone the first night, and Noah yelled down the phone that his dinner was 'Yummo Daddy'. It must have been as he polished off his whole plate which included some rocket salad, courgette and tomato in order to be eligible for a custard yoghurt for dessert.

Noah and Daddy have a game of 'Race the Sticky Bugs down the Wall'

I enjoyed the Mummy & Noah time, and even got the energy up to walk up the hill 2 days in a row, rather than taking the easy route out with the cable car which I have done all winter on evenings when Mark stays out or is away. However, I couldn't really justify the cable car as the weather was so warm and sunny that it would have been a waste of a walk, and I definitely felt like I'd earned my lasagne when I got home!

It was a reasonably quiet weekend for us (shock horror I know!), yesterday Noah and I spent half an hour checking out the turtles, lizards, fish, guinea pigs, birds and dogs at the pet shop while Mark helped Shannon move a table at their shop Vast. Guy unfortunately had a bit of an accident earlier in the week and is laid up with a broken elbow and fractured wrist for a few weeks so we have offered Mark's assistance with any heavy lifting over the next few weekends. Noah and I also went to Spotlight and picked out a new duvet cover (Thomas the Tank Engine) for Noah in preparation for moving him to a big boy bed.

When we got home, Noah was keen to try out the new duvet, and happily went to sleep for his nap. Later in the afternoon, we took the sides of the cot to turn it into a proper bed. We also had a massive tidyup and moved a lot of Noah's toys/books back to his room to turn it a real little boy's room.

Noah enthusiastically embraces the new Thomas duvet cover concept

It was very sweet to see him climb up into bed and ask for a story - his idea! It was as if he had suddenly grown up overnight. Usually we read a book when we're getting changed after the bath, so it was amazing that he suddenly decided that being in a big bed meant he could drink his milk in bed and have Mummy read him a story. After I read him a book, he asked for another one, knowing little soul! Once I left him to it, we listened with interest on the monitor for a while but all seemed quiet on the Noah front. However, the night was not totally free of mishaps, Mark went in to check on Noah at midnight (after staying up to watch the England v Kiwi league semifinal) and found him head and torso out of the bed, feet still inside! We had enough foresight to put down our winter duvet as a soft landing for him so he was fast asleep in this position. Mark carefully put him back into bed and he was none the wiser. At 5am this morning, he took another tumble out of bed, luckily Mark heard him crying on the monitor and raced downstairs to pop him back in bed once again. When we finally got up, I went to see him and he said 'Mummy I fell out of bed but Daddy picked me up' and didn't seem too bothered by it all. Tonight we have made sure to tuck the duvet in a lot further under the mattress so hopefully that will help too.

This is how Daddy found Noah in the middle of the night, half in and half out!

Today, I went off to church while the boys went to visit the ducks. Apparently Noah found boundless confidence and went down the big big slide on his own while Daddy went down the other one, as well as having a go on the flying fox with Daddy running alongside. This afternoon, we walked down into town to watch the annual Christmas parade with Noah's daycare friends. Noah as usual was a little mystified by all the noise to start with, and said 'I want to go home'. However, after a few minutes he got into the swing of it all, and was particularly excited to see Bob the Builder and Shrek - 'Just like Shrek on my toothbrush at home, Mummy' he told me.

Fun at the parade!

As part of our tidyup, we moved a bit of furniture around, swapping the bookcase and wine cabinet over as well as moving the couch back against the wall. This is because we are thinking about buying a new dining table that Shannon has offered us but need to make sure it'll actually fit the space as it's a large square 1.5x1.5m. It would be nice to have a table that can actually fit more than 3 of us around!

This week I have made good inroads into the canvases I want to get up on the lounge wall before the party in two week's time. It still feels like an absolute luxury to have the evenings to be able to potter around to my heart's content, and the bliss is yet to wear off, I hope I don't ever take it for granted!

Noah and Daddy have a great giggle at a mock swordfight

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