09 November 2008


This was Noah's word of the week. He came out with it one night at dinner as we were eating spaghetti bolognaise, out of nowhere he said 'Delicious Daddy, delicious!' We asked him where he had heard that and apparently one of his pals Isabella at daycare introduced him to the word. He's been practicing it at every opportunity ever since.


This weekend we have enjoyed some fun family time together. Saturday was the usual trip to the supermarket and watch the planes (its been a couple of weekends since we had the time or the weather to do it). Noah is SO in his element watching with anticipation every little movement of the planes, and Mark and I said how lucky we are that we can drive 2 minutes down the road from our supermarket and watch all the comings and goings. There aren't many other cities in the world where you could get so close so easily.


The flaxes in our garden are flowering at the moment, and we have been blessed all weekend with regular visits from two friendly tuis coming to perch and enjoy the sweet nectar. It has been fascinating to watch them, particularly with the sunlight glinting off their beautiful dark turquoise plumage. Saturday afternoon we got outdoors and gave all the windows a jolly good clean (inside and out), so it is lovely to be sitting here on a calm Sunday evening looking out on the tuis hopping between the flaxes through crystal clear windows!

Sunday morning, Becky and Jonny & baby Brooke came for breakfast so Mark and Jonny could watch their respective teams (Everton v West Ham) league match together. After a quick walk up to the park so Becky could get Brooke off to sleep, we came back and enjoyed a webcam with Uncle Nic who is over from Oz for the weekend and staying with Nana & Poppa. Whilst Noah had his nap, we raced around and stained the outdoor furniture, and once he was up we went for a swim at Karori Pool. Noah gets more confident with each visit, and he was even more so this time when Phoebe and George (his great mates from daycare) turned up at the pool. We had no idea they were coming so it was great to see how excited he was to be able to hang out with them, and it was pretty much 'I'm off, see ya later Mum & Dad' as he ran over to be with them. As the outdoor furniture is still not quite dry enough to sit on, we decided to have a BBQ picnic dinner in the lounge tonight which was a bit of fun. It really has been quite the enjoyable weekend together, and for no reason in particular other than the fact we have simply enjoyed each other's company.

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