19 December 2009

Three Months

Another milestone down. Mylo has reached the 3-month mark with not a lot of fuss, apart from those first 6 weeks where some fussing is pretty inevitable! More recently, he has become a very cruisy, happy wee soul who mostly just seems to fit in with what the rest of the family are doing.

Here's a few recent snapshots and statistics:
  • Weight - 5.46kg (Noah was 5.44kg at same age)
  • Height - 60cm (Noah was 61.5cm)
  • Day sleeps - mostly 45 mins, occasionally 1.5 hour naps during day but mostly goes off to sleep unassisted (yay!)
  • Night sleep - usually a 6-8 hour stretch (7.30pm till 2-3am), although we have had a couple of 10 hour stretches which was rather nice for Mum!
  • Likes to chew on his fingers, smile, gurgle and he's trying out all sorts of movements and noises with his mouth which is funny to watch
  • Starting to grab toys on his play gym, easily moves his head from side to side to follow what's going on around him, and likes being up on his change table so he can see us moving around
  • Can roll from tummy to back already and is pretty good with 'tummy time'
  • Mum still breastfeeding, with one bottle of expressed milk/formula before bed where he will drink up to 180ml

All in all, a delightful wee boy! We are now looking forward to see how he develops and grows over the next three months. Thank you God for the gift of Mylo, it is truly a blessing to have him in our family.


Sarah Gauntlett said...

he sounds so wonderful!

Tracey Easte said...

he looks SO happy and content - clearly you are a wonderful family to be part of :) love to all xoxo

Sarah Gauntlett said...

me again. "Mum still breastfeeding, with one bottle of expressed milk/formula before bed where he will drink up to 180ml" does this really work for Mylo and you? I'm wondering about starting it with zoe as lately she is refusing the second side and then waking every 3 hours only to take one side each time... i have a feeling she is just snacking. she likes to spit up quite a bit so i don't want to over feed.... mmmm and formula = scary!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Hey Sarah :-)
I have found the bottle before bed a success for longer night sleep with both boys. It seems easier to get Mylo to drink more from the bottle than from me at that time of night, maybe cos he doesn't have to work so hard at getting the milk from the bottle than they do on the breast. He doesn't really spit up though so I haven't had to worry about it coming back up afterward. I guess you could just trial it for a few days with expressed milk on its own if you don't want to go down the formula route and see if you think it makes a difference. I find trial and error is the best way to discover solutions to better feeding and sleeping, e.g. it took us a while to figure out that Mylo likes his milk pretty hot after he kept spitting out the bottle. And what works for one baby might not work for the next so it's a matter of trying a few different things till you get something that works for you! Hope that helps :-)

Mum Maloney said...

Hi, what beautiful photos of your fab boys. Loved the ones of Mylo looking at himself in the mirror, bless. So pleased you enjoying special times just with Noah. Can certainly see your Maloney boys are brothers! Cant believe Mylo is already lifting his head. He is so smilley too. Thanks a million, we have had our NZ Maloney 'fix' for the week. Christmas is almost here, hope to catch up on the webcam. Have a super time.Thinking of you SO much.xxxx


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