03 January 2010

Holiday.... Part 2

We're safely back in Wellington now...phew! And super glad to have the car journeys from Hamilton to New Plymouth, and New Plymouth to Wellington safely behind us. I think we both feel in need of a holiday from the holiday though as travelling and being away from home with Mylo wasn't as relaxing as one might imagine. He seemed to notice he wasn't at home in his cot snuggled up in his safety sleep when it came to sleeping at night, managing to 'houdini' himself out of his wrap pretty easily which made for extremely tired parents most days. I am looking forward to the time when he starts to regularly sleep 8-10 hour stretches (currently only managing between 5-7 hours waking somewhere between 12am and 2am and again at 5-6am). At this rate baby rice might be on the cards as soon as he hits 4 months to see if that helps!

Nonetheless we had a fantastic time away and have many lovely photos to show for it. Even after the last mammoth post of photos, there are still more to come! Highlights being:
  • A walk to the end of mum and dad's road allowed Nic free rein on photos of the rarely used train track (only 2 goods trains a day come through), and gave Noah another chance for more bike riding

  • Another expedition to Hamilton Gardens providing the back drop for some very arty shots as well as the opportunity for our first 'family of four' shots, thanks to Nic for offering his services for the pictures which we think turned out quite well (see next post)
  • A wander down the walkway in New Plymouth in the bracing westerly wind gave Noah more opportunities to get out on his bike. His confidence knowing no bounds now as the video shows - speeded up to double time for a bit of extra fun!
  • Annual pilgrimage to the Festival of Lights, Noah was completely wowed this year and found complete wonder in everything that was glowing, including the external and internal car lights which turned on with the door opener we got back to open the car (I think he thought they had specially turned on for the evening, bless!). Thanks to Daddy for offering to babysit Mylo so we could go out!

And so ends another fantastic family holiday, I'm already looking forward to next year when Mylo will be that much older and able to participate in all our fun! It was great spending time with Nana, Poppa and especially Nic, not just because of all the shots he took but also as it may be the last chance to hang out together for quite some time. It was also good to see Sam and Aleisha a couple of times over the week. And it is always so lovely to spend time with my gran (GeeGee), every trip we take to see her is special and she always goes out of her way to spoil us with delicious food and comfortable surroundings! We try not to take it for granted that she will always be around, and so treasure the memories we create on these occasions.

A lovely trip to end 2009!

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

well done noah-grandad is realy
proud of you!-best bike rider in
kiwi land!!!---great photos nick
i can see a new career opening up
for you!!--happy new year,to our
beatiful nz family--and of course
all our best wishes,and a happy
new year to all of marks extended
nz family
mum and dad xxxxx


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