26 January 2010

Weight Watchers are us...

After the excesses of the past year (my excuse being that I was feeding first baby on board and then having to eat enough to make milk for Mylo, and Mark casting a sympathy eating vote) we have commenced 2010 with a bold New Years resolution. This being to get back to basics with our eating, and to ideally lose about 5kg each. This will get Mark back to his original post WW success weight, and help me shed the last baby kilos hanging around so I can fit the few remaining pre-baby clothes which so far have been eluding me!

Progress over the past 3 weeks has been good, with the scales showing we're already about halfway to our goals, through a very staunch regime of counting and sticking to our daily WW points allowances. Before we embarked on the diet, I must admit to one very tedious day where I made up a list of the points values of all our regularly eaten foods and evening meals, but after that we were away laughing. The list is posted up on the pantry door, which also has the desired effect of making us think twice before we open the cupboards to see what we could possibly get our hands on. Mark's old WW points calculator and exercise calculator have also come in very handy for figuring out any other points values we might need to know along the way (extra points for exercising....yussss!).

Our new best friends....for the next few weeks anyway

Funnily enough, I have not been half as hungry as I expected to be, which just goes to show that all the extra food we were consuming, particularly in the evenings after dinner, was not really necessary. And we have certainly been really savouring and enjoying our evening meals when we know there's no extra chocolate or snacks to come later. In addition, knowing how many calories you have to burn to cancel what you're eating does make one think twice, e.g. a small but naughty slice of chocolate cake with white-chocolate icing from a 4-year old birthday party on Sunday = 40 minutes on the bike...it hardly seems fair!

Anyway, it is not all work and no play on the diet front, as we have planned in a fish n chip night on Sunday as a 'well-done' milestone. We then plan to celebrate again with a meal out for our wedding anniversary later in February as we hope to be even closer to our goals by then.

The thing I really like about Weight Watchers is that it is everything in moderation, there's nothing forbidden, but you do have to really think twice about that lemon muffin or that piece of cake knowing how much of your daily allowance it has just sucked up!

Poor Noah must be really feeling the effects of Mummy and Daddy's new diet though, as he asked us the other night 'When are we going to have pizza from the pizza shop or fish n chips again?' Poor mite. Mind you he is winning out of the current arrangement, as if any treats are brought into the house by friends at the moment, we are sending it all his way.

Speaking of treats, I played a slightly evil trick on Noah tonight. After watching Willy's Wonky Chocolate Factory on TV1 Mark had ordered some specialty chocolate over from the UK which we are again going to save for a rainy day when we can really treat ourselves. It arrived today in a little brown box, complete with polystyrene chips. Noah had been allowed a few Twisties the past couple of nights once he finished his dinner, so I asked him again tonight if we wanted some, which he did. Instead of putting Twisties in his bowl, I put some of the polystyrene chips in. He gave me a really funny look, to which I replied 'They're white Twisties' which he readily accepted. It wasn't until he had chomped down on the first one and found it somewhat plastic to the taste that the game was up. 'Not funny Mum'. Well I had my 5 minutes of fun for the day anyway! Luckily we still had some real Twisties left so I could make amends!

Mum's white Twisties didn't quite live up to expectations!

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