15 September 2010

Jekyll and Hyde

Don't ya find that when kids bounce back, they really bounce back! You would have thought I had accidentally let Mylo take some P or other hard drug Monday afternoon, the rate at which he was tearing (read: crawling at speed) around the house. Add to it that shedding clothing seems to = F.R.E.E.D.O.M. for this kid. It's like there's Mylo, and then Mylo without clothes = warp speed.

But let me back up a little. And tell you why it was so amazing to see him doing crawlie wheel spins and burn outs on the lounge floor. We only have to rewind 48 hours.

On Saturday night, the same boy had a temperature near 40 degrees (according to our less than helpful thermometer which always reads much lower than it should - well you start to see my concern!). He was also shaking and shivering. Not himself AT ALL. Although we tend to apply the laid-back second child approach to parenting with Mylo, and the she'll be right attitude works most of the time, after I saw that temperature reading, it worried me enough to call Healthline. To check (since I couldn't remember, what a terrible mother I am) at what temperature I should really start to be concerned. And apparently 40 degrees was high enough that he should really be seen.

So I'm forced to call Mark home from his hosted evening in a corporate box at the Phoenix game (I am still feeling SO guilt about that hon!) to look after Noah while I took Mylo in to the after hours doctor.
Whilst we were waiting to be seen, I took a good hard look at my youngest child. Who two hours before had been shivering and shaking and crying pitifully. Now cruising his way up and down the vinyl chairs in the waiting room playing them as if they were drums. Trying desperately to get his hand trough the glass of the tropical fish tank. Um hello kiddo, arent you meant to be sick with a terrible fever?!

And then he decides to let rip with the mother of all nappy treats. Ahem, whose kid is that = not mine?!

Luckily we only had to wait half an hour and Mark even made it back to the footy for some of the second half. The diagnosis so familiar, you know the words that always make me want to scream and throw my hands in the air and run around the house like Kevin on Home Alone: It's just a virus.

It's not 'just' anything thanks very much when you're the one living through it!

Anywho, when we woke up Sunday morning there were 2 new teeth through. I must admit to thinking: Are you kidding me? It's not enough to have conjunctivitis and a fever, we need new teeth as well?!

And so Sunday was a real Jekyll and Hyde Day, with Mylo fine one minute, terrible the next with his temperature yo-yoing to match.

So I cheated a little. This is not actually from this weekend but it does show poor bubs on another Mr Hyde day.

Monday night, and back to our usual cheery, cheeky self.

Monday he seemed a little better, but still not his usual chipper self. That was until later in the afternoon when his Daddy and Noah walked in the door to see him cavorting around the room with no trousers on, never been merrier. Ah, welcome back pickle, it's nice to see you!

I stopped counting the Motherhood Lessons learnt in the past 4 years because I'm somewhere in the hundreds by now. But if I had been, I'd have tagged this one as so:

Lesson #539: Invest in a really good thermometer. Really good does not mean a $20 crappy Chinese jobbie from Trade Me that pretends to have all the bells and whistles and is all singing and all dancing. In reality,  it gets the air temperature about right and that's it. Then I'll know in future whether a 39.8 reading really is what it is.

P.S. Latest update: have purchased said top of the line thermometer from e-Bay. This time we did our research and got one all the parents recommend. Let's hope we don't need it again anytime soon though.


PaisleyJade said...

I'm hearing ya! Always amazed at how they bounce back and are over the top!!

Catching the Magic said...

Hi Meghan, Poor you having to go through such a weekend, but I love your humour in the face of it all... I know that, 'It's just a virus' diagnosis too well :( Glad to hear he's back on form - with or without his clothes on!!!

Leonie said...

Oh my children do exactly the same! and its usually just a virus.... glad your little one is feeling better.


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