24 September 2010

RAW(e) Smiles & Laughter

This is something new for me. I've not entered a link-up to RAW(e) before. The theme for this week is Smiles and Laughter.

Smiles are one of the most beautiful moments we can ever capture, and I just love, love, love capturing them on camera.

Smiles are beautiful. It's like being enveloped in warmth and light. And then there's LAUGHTER. Deep, bubbling and overflowing from within a joyful heart.  The sound alone can energise an entire room, and make you giggle infectiously because your soul connects and responds at the deepest level, and you just have to join in.

I love the post I read earlier on Sarah from Chez Lee's post and the link to the article which discussed how children can laugh up to 300 times a day while as adults we only laugh about 15 times a day. Where did that childlike constantly joyful feeling go? Oh to be as carefree and unencumbered as a child once again. To laugh without reserve. To smile at strangers without a thought for the consequences. To live as if there were hundreds of pleasurable experiences to be found in every day.

Let me be open to experience more of the pure childlike joy my children share with me daily.


Leonie said...

Love that photo!! I love photos that show full on laughs- it makes me smile :)

Diane said...

Great moment to capture. Love it! :O)

Catching the Magic said...

Gorgeously written and wow, what a fabulous photo that really captures a moment of hysterics! I can almost hear the laughter!

The Rigelsky Family said...

Well said. This made me smile :)


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