19 December 2011

Recipe: Candy Cane Icecream

When I saw a recipe for a Christmassy Peppermint icecream on Pinterest, I knew I would have to make it. And even better, I knew that we could just adapt our own Crunchie Icecream recipe base and turn it into a little slice of candy cane Christmas heaven.

1 tin of condensed milk
500ml bottle of cream (whipped)
12 pack of candy canes crushed in a blender (less one or two that might have gotten waylaid into two little mouths while 'helping' 
1 tsp peppermint essence

1. Whip cream
2. Gently, gently fold in peppermint essence and condensed milk, trying not to lose any volume in the mixture
3. Gently fold in crushed candy cane. Freeze immediately, should be frozen overnight (or 10-12 hours)

And it was very hard not to watch the clock or get it out until it was proper ready!


Sammy said...

S.t.o.p it. That looks divine!

remaliah said...

Wow, yum! That's a great idea! Thanks for your comment. I'm not sure if you can see if I reply there? The song is 'When I'm with You' by JJ Heller, which you can find here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnHp7F6euWw
Have a fun day there! xx

PaisleyJade said...

Oh yum!!!!


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