16 December 2011

Things I'm Loving 16.12.11

Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Lights
Love the Giant Telecom Christmas Light Tree that has appeared in Waitangi Park again this year. Loving the giant beanbags that the boys enjoyed jumping into that lie under the tree.

And even though the lights weren't on (it was the middle of the day) it was still so magical!

Talking to Da Man
Whilst there, we got down to business. And hmmm, looks like there is some serious discussion being had in there!

Craft Craziness
As you can see, that bug has still been biting me strong this week too!

 Beautiful idea found here by Remaliah

In the Spirit
Even the Lego Club gets in the spirit and sends us a cute decoration to make each year - this year was a Reindeer with a movable head and legs to join last year's Snowman. It is definitely worth signing up your kids (free under five) for some cool free stuff throughout the year!

My Elves
Cuteness personified. Mylo was SO excited when he spotted a Santa hat in Pak n Save, and because I was in the mood for having some fun, I popped it on his head. He promptly wore it round the shop beaming at everybody saying 'Ho Ho'. It was so cute that I got him (and Noah) one each, mostly just so I could hear that little 'ho ho-ing' all day long. Despite it being a hot day, the boys loved bouncing around the trampoline with their little white pompoms waggling everywhere.

How cheeky does that little face look hiding under there? 

Chocolate milkshake and fluffies in the sun

The hats proved so popular, I could only steal a quick turn with one when Mr M was having a mid-afternoon zzzzzzz and I'd convinced him it would be too hot to wear to bed!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around these here parts isn't it?! And I'm loving that this time next week we'll be leaving for our Christmas holiday...whoop de whoop!

Joining in with other lovelies at PJ's place:



remaliah said...

Wow, look at all of your cool decorations! Good work! Love the little santas :) Very cute!!

jacksta said...

Miriam said...

We got a reindeer lego - SO exciting. We love the lego club only just joined. Love all your decos my 3 yr old is in love with those hats too.

Leonie said...

that tree is amazing!!
Love your boys in their santa hats, what cuties!
and those decorations rock.

Cat said...

love the crafty goodness
and those elves are pretty cute!!!

Love and Light

Anonymous said...

LOVE the hats! Oh so cute! And the Lego ornaments are awesome!

dearfutureme... said...

I told my husband that there is a lego club... for under 5's. He immediately got on the computer. Boys huh?! Love the things you're loving - you're so crafty and imaginative!

PaisleyJade said...

Oh I love all the Chrismassy things!! That giant tree is amazing and your boys look so cute in their hats!!


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