23 December 2011

Things I'm Loving 23.12.11

On the wall
It seems a while ago now that we went to our Jo Frances Photography session. And yes it has taken us a while to get any of them framed, but I'm happy to finally have this set of four up on the wall to look at always. It makes me smile.

Another gorgeous necklace
I received a lovely thank-you from Sally the other day for all the business I've put her way these past few months. As much as I love my other necklace, this one rocks big time! I can see me wearing this many days this summer! Pink and lemon, such an awesome combo!

Nativity Advent Calendar
Loving that the Nativity Advent Calendar I made last year is getting used again, and day by day the story grows on our kitchen cupboard.

A tree full of kisses
Loving this last attempt at creativity before Christmas. Hoping the recipient will enjoy it too! I started gluing them on to begin with, but switched to toothpicks after Mark said he was worried I might give one of my nearest and dearest glue poisoning...that wouldn't be a great end to Christmas now would it!

Delete cookies
This tickled my fancy.....I can just imagine his horror?! Ha ha ha.

The Crackle Nail Effect
We opened our Christmas presents from Grandma & Grandad early via Skype last weekend. And I got 2 cute little nail varnish pots in pink and black. The crackle effect wasn't something I'd heard of but apparently it's all the rage in the UK. So I gave it a go...you put a base layer on first and then put the crackle vanish over the top....what do ya think?! Kinda freaky and kinda funky all at the same time!

Little Boy loses his door
We've finally taken the cot rails off Mylo's bed. Just in time for our holiday away so he will hopefully be OK with sleeping on a mattress on the floor or in our In the Night Garden kiddy blow-up bed on our travels.

He was so cute and concerned when we put him to bed for his lunchtime nap last weekend though. 'Where's my door gone?' he kept saying. Bless. He did stay in the bed though which was the main thing!

That hat
We're still lovin it!

Milky face and all!

And as you read this, we are winding our way up the country on our 8-9 hour journey towards Nana and Poppa's in Hamilton for Christmas. Right this very minute, I'm also loving the invention of a portable DVD player for the car too!



Tracey said...

I am haering ya on the Portable player! LOVE the pics, they look great in the frame. Have a wonderful xmas and holiday in hamilton. Will look forward to reading your happenings over the coming days/weeks. Love to all. Travel Safe xox

PaisleyJade said...

Fab list once again - and I've seen that crackle nail polish all over Pinterest the last few months!! Hope you and your family have an amazing Christmas!!


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