18 July 2012

In the eye of the storm

This week I'm in the eye of the storm.

Two very long weeks of work behind me. This week is a "normal" work week (albeit still having to work in the evenings from home), but it does at least mean that I get my precious afternoons with my little guys.

Then I'm back to at least 2 more crazy, long weeks with no real guarantee that things are going settle down again after that.

So I'm taking things day by day right now.

Today's weather was one totally out of the box. Being still and warm (for winter) that is.

After some debate on which park to go to, we went to park at the Botanical Gardens straight after school. And stayed and played and stayed some more. This was just the tonic I needed, still very heavy headed with cold and cough and nursing a dose of conjunctivitis to boot.

The light was simply lovely, filtering through faraway trees. The boys had energy to burn. Down the slide and back up again. Unlike me, who was just happy to play "spotter" under the ladder in case Mylo needed it, and snapping pics happily away on the iPhone. 

Aah, sweet sunflare, no camera editing tricks here, just the real thing

Do I look as tired and sick as I feel in this pic? 

Someone's conquered the upward climb again too!

This shot looks so much like the one I took back in autumn that's on the blog header, don't you think?

I think my other camera is probably getting a bit jealous of all the attention the iPhone has been getting lately while it sits forlornly in its camera bag, waiting, hoping. I'm sorry my friend, I promise I will find the time and energy to be inspired by holding you in my hands again. Hopefully one day soon.

Oh my, this cheeky face is enough to slay me (dribble and all)
Shooting a bolt of love right through my heart.

So despite the storm that's still to come, for today I'm just incredibly grateful for the sunny day and the company of these two precious people. 


Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Soooo gorgeous.
I really hope you feel well soon. Make sure you get LOTS of sleep!!!!!
J xxxx

Anonymous said...

The weather has been strangely warm down this way too, hopefully its a sign of what summer has install for us :)

Unknown said...

Lovely pics of your lovely boys. I use my phone for almost al my photos now. Its just so much handier, the quality is so good and it automatically uploads them online for me so I dont need to bother doing it manually. Every little helps!

Your winter weather looks like it could compete with our summer weather!

Hope you feel better soon.

dearfutureme... said...

Sorry you've been feeling unwell - looks like the perfect antidote to a yucky week. PS. Do you have instagram?

dearfutureme... said...

Sorry you've been feeling unwell - looks like the perfect antidote to a yucky week. PS. Do you have instagram?

Simoney said...

that photo of the silhouette in the tunnel is AMAZING!


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