09 August 2013

Things I'm Loving 9.8.13

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Movie treats
I wasn't that fussed about going to see the first Despicable Me when it came out and begrudgingly watched it on DVD some time later, but at the time it surprised me how much I enjoyed the storyline and characters - especially sweet little Agnes - what's not to love?! 

So when Despicable Me 2 came out, we scheduled in a special outing with our friends Jackie and Heidi.

We all loved it, although I was sure that after the massive frozen coke the boys shared they would need the loo halfway through but we made it to the end.

Just as much fun for them was mucking around in the games arcade afterward. I always plead destitution when it comes to the coins required and so far so good, I've managed to get away with it.

And my weird fascination with random Instagram shots of course meant I had to take a photo of the carpet and the side of Jackie's Chucks it would seem.

Memories of One Red Dog
We went out for a friend's birthday the other day, and I realised I haven't been to One Red Dog in years. It was actually the scene of Mark and my first date many many moons ago (try 15 years!). I recall going out for hot chocolates together, making them last for hours and hours as we got to know each other and drinking the yummy melon flavoured free water they had in jugs at the bar. Ah those sweet, young carefee days!

This chick
Let me introduce to one of my favourite people on the planet. You might already know her as thenikinator on Instagram or the lovely face behind Life's Wonderful Happenings. But to me she's also my sweet Nikki and she's back in NZ for a few weeks - whoop whoop. This was a friendship that might never have happened save for the fact that we have a shared interest in photography and she was Noah's teacher at daycare in the months before she left for her OE. So this was us catching up for a coffee in real life last week after 2.5 years away although there's been plenty of Skype chats during that time. She also came and hung out at Noah's party last weekend, we had sushi together this week, and next weekend she's coming to hang out at our house for a sleepover - and she's promised to teach me to finally crochet too - whoop whoop!

Signing in
This little guy is so into his letters and numbers right now. Loved watching him signing in at daycare last week. The only one I had to help with was the E, otherwise it was all his efforts.

Train in a tin
Loving this cute little mini train set that Noah got for his birthday - it reminds me so much of the train set my brothers had when they were young. 

Mini pot-o-gold
 Loving the skies over Wellington last weekend, and despite the fact the 2 ends of the rainbow never joined up, they were wonderfully intense at either end.

This sight
I already shared this one on Instagram earlier in the week. But you won't know the back story. So the short version is this: I'm out of bed at 5.30am getting ready for my morning walk. I come downstairs and hear Noah telling Mylo to hurry up and get off the toilet as he's busting to go too. Which would be fine except Mylo won't budge until someone has wiped his bottom. I came into the bathroom to do just that and burst out laughing to see this sight:

But what you don't know is that the night before the boys had been playing with some dive sticks in the bath, putting their goggles on and going underwater to pick up the sticks. This was a huge achievement for Mylo as it was the first time he'd officially put his head into the water and held his breath properly without choking on half the bath water. So we had given him heaps of praise, telling him what a great job he'd done.

So the goggles were duly placed lovingly on his bedside drawers before he went to bed, and obviously put on again the minute he got up in the morning, even before going about his toilet business! The last couple of nights he has also requested a bath 'on his own' so he can practice his underwater techniques. Bless!

Getting back to normal
Lastly, loving that hubby's work trip to Melbourne passed uneventfully last week and I hardly knew he was gone. That had a lot to do with all the help I had - Jackie and Heidi one night and Mum for 3 nights. He got home at midnight the night of Noah's actual birthday so was there when Noah woke up in the morning which was very important to our boy!

And we are also hopeful that Mark will finally get his cast off in the next few days - can I publicly acknowledge what a trooper my husband has been? Most of the time I've forgotten he's even got the cast on as he's just gone about his business uncomplaining and doing everything as per normal just with one arm - other than cutting onions which became my job - I usually avoid it like the plague as it makes my eyes water something terrible - but I did it for my love! It'll still be nice to have him back to full capacity and for cutting those pesky onions though!

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Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Love you post Meg. Love the goggles, love the memories of dating and love your kids hun xxxx

Leonie said...

Yay for catch-ups! Just met Nikki this morning after following her blog since I started mine! and Love love both Despicable me movies!

Simoney said...

SNAP!!! My loving post has Nikki in too...! (That girl gets around)

Miriam said...

Love those toilet goggles!

Bron said...

A week full of fun in your house...and a big shout for great friends. xxx

Cat said...

Just a thrill to finally meet Nikki :) yeah for meet ups

Nikki said...

Love love love!!!!


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