19 December 2013

Clever things I never knew.....

Don't you just love finding out cool tricks and tips that aren't obvious to those not in the know? It's often nothing mind-blowing, just a handy little tip that makes so much sense once you ARE in the know.

Have you ever been driving a car and pulled into a petrol station to fill up, only to realise you have no clue what side of the car the petrol tank is on? Well wonder no more. If you're driving a new-ish car, chances are your dashboard will actually tell you what side of the car your fuel tank is on. Have a wee look at this pic? Can you figure it out?

It's the little arrow next to the fuel tank symbol. Clever huh?

Did you know this handy little bit of information already? Can you think of any other clever tips were you amazed to be told that you never knew but made so much sense once you did?!

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