24 December 2013

The exciting life of Eddy: Elf on the Shelf Ideas and Antics

We have had a ball with Eddy the Elf this year. Last year he only arrived a week or so before Christmas, so this year we've really had some great fun seeing what antics he has been up to. The Elf on the Shelf tradition is big both on Pinterest and Instagram too - you can find what other elves have been up to using hashtags #elfontheshelf and #kiwielfontheshelf.

But this is what Eddy has been up to at our place:

Arriving and bringing a special note for the boys from Santa

Leaving a message using the alphabet cards Mylo had been playing with the day before

Ride em cowboy - hanging on for dear life to the giraffe half way up our stairs

All aboard - the boys found Eddy zooming around 
the train track in one of Thomas's carriages 

This was one of our favourite days - we found Eddy 
watching the movie elf curled up with some popcorn 

Cooking himself some pasta and using the New World mini pump 
water bottle to quench his thirst

Doing one of the lenticular Toy Story puzzles the boys had made up the day before

Teaching all the soft toys what it really takes to be an Elf

Abseiling down the wall and turning our nativity scene that we build each day upside down

Getting into the marshmallows - caught out eating the last pink one. 
Turns out he likes the pink ones just like Mum.

Encouraging the boys to brush their teeth well

Toilet roll bombed the lounge and tree and then wraps himself up and hides in the tree

Makes a breakfast cereal tower and gets himself out a big bowl of Ricies

Eddy turns the milk green - luckily only the boys had to drink it
and it made for an interesting breakfast cereal combo

Ripping into the only present that had been placed under the tree at that point

Having a nerf gun fight with the dog - they both look like they've taken a knock-out blow

Reading the Star Wars Lego book to himself when he gets caught up in a battle between
the Jedi and the dark side of the Force

Eddy makes himself a Lego miniature lookalike

Cannons away - Pirate Eddy takes on the might of the Jolly Roger and Blackbeard

Eddy gets a headstart on the Christmas road-trip and sets himself up in the middle of the boys' seats

On our first night at Nana and Poppa's Eddy is mesmerised by Nana's twinkling outdoor
icicle lights and spends the night swaying in a bucket watching them

After Mylo's great efforts to finally conquer a pedal bike, Eddy figured he'd better get in on the act too

Super Eddy puts his superpowers to use and flies up onto the tallest light he can find

On his last night (Christmas Eve) Eddy is going to be leaving the kids a note to say how much he's loved spending this time with them but that he's now got to go back to the North Pole with Santa. For his last fun activity, he's leaving a Magical Elves popping candy treasure hunt for them to enjoy on Christmas morning!

It's been a blast Eddy, and we hope to see you again next Christmas!

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