11 March 2015

The things we do for love...

I'm the first to say that I'm blessed to have a very patient hubby.

One who doesn't mind going out on hare-brained photography sessions in all kinds of weather for a start.

Like on this night when it was blowing an absolute gale - but you wouldn't know it from the smile on his face as we slid down the steep sand dunes to Back Beach.

It was rather therapeutic - the black sand underneath the top layer that had been warmed by the sun was rather chilly under foot - it felt rather like an ice cold bath for the toes!

I'm not sure exactly what he was thinking when I took this shot of him holding onto my tripod so it didn't blow away in the fierce wind but I think it probably went a little something like this.....

That being said...I'm sure he would be the first to admit that he does get to see some spectacular sights for his efforts tagging along as my chief photographer assistant and bodyguard.

back beach sunset new plymouth

Sights like this for example!

black and white gull sun rays

We've been to Back Beach twice now for sunset - both very different experiences. On this particular night the heavenly rays were out of this world.

back beach heaven rays clouds

Illuminating the darkening beach in the purest of light.

back beach reflections stormy skies

And although the sun setting over the horizon wasn't quite the epic sight as last time, it still took the time to peek through the thick bank of storm clouds as if to say 'Hey don't forget about me....I'm still here'.

It was a most unusual sight to end to the night to be sure.

sun peeks through clouds back beach

Much as I sometimes love the solitude of an early morning session when I'm alone with my thoughts in a spectacular location like Lake Rotomanu, there's also something rather special about sharing a sight like this with your loved one to really top off a great day!

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