13 March 2015

When a toilet lid attacks you....

The other day I suffered what must be one of the most random injuries you could expect to sustain. From a toilet lid no less.

Yep, you heard me right - a toilet lid!

I guess I'd better set the scene...

I was at work in the toilet cubicle getting changed into my exercise gear at 2.30pm for the walk up the hill to meet the boys when school finishes at 3pm.

It's a small space and once there's me and my bag full of clothes I'm changing out of/into there's not a whole lot of room to contort myself around to change into my gear and put on my running shoes.

So every day when it comes time to put my rather tight-fitting exercise 3/4 pants and shoes on I usually put the toilet lid down and sit on it while I at least pull my trousers up to my knees and again when it comes time to do up my laces etc. So this is not something new - I've been doing it for months and months quite happily without incident.

Until this day that is.

Now I still can't tell you whether I might have leaned a certain way as I was pulling my pants up and put undue pressure on one part of the lid but the next thing I heard was a loud cracking noise and I realised that the toilet lid had cracked from underneath me.

Which in itself wouldn't have been cause for alarm.

Except........... when it cracked it then trapped about 10 cm of the back of my thigh and butt cheek in between the two pieces of now rather sharp split plastic.


I gently prised myself loose from the lid and felt a nice cut on the back of my leg. Although it didn't appear to be gushing out blood (thank goodness) I was still a little concerned at how bad it might be.

Now unless you're some kind of contortionist marvel you will know that checking out the part of one's body where the leg meets the butt check is nigh on impossible without some extra help.

Enter the iPhone camera - that you can apparently reverse and check out hard to see parts of your body with ease - who knew!

It looked pretty ouchie but in reality was clearly not that bad since I then managed to finish getting changed, walked up to school and home, did a vigorous Tower pilates session that evening and then ran my first 10km in years the very next morning.

I'll spare you the gory shot of the actual cut on my leg (who wants to see that?!) and leave you with one of the broken toilet lid instead...if you look closely I'm sure you can still see a bit of my skin/blood still attached to it - gross!

And I think you might agree this is one of the more random injuries you could expect to incur in your lifetime!

So now I'm interested to know....what's the most random injury you've ever sustained? Do you think you can you beat my story?!

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