20 March 2015

Celebrating a 'first' award at school

This past week Mylo received his first ever school award in assembly. The principal always sends out an email the night before letting those parents whose children are getting an award know which gives them time to make arrangements to get to the assembly at 11am on Friday.

It just happened to be a lower middle syndicate hosted assembly which meant we got to see Noah in action on stage doing some 'freeze frame' drama with his class too which was a bonus. Unfortunately none of the assembly used microphones (which they sometimes do) so it was a bit hard for us to hear at the very back of the hall but luckily the syndicate leader has a big strong voice so we were able to hear the award given to Mylo very well.

As it's a little difficult to make out the words of the award, it says:

'For being a ready learner and contributor to Room 4. You are organised with your school equipment and ready to help when needed. You pay close attention on the mat, often answering tricky questions. Your learning is on track. Keep it up!'

Despite me trying to wave to him as he stood on stage he didn't realise we had seen him get his award till later in the day as we hadn't mentioned we were going - so as not to make it too obvious what was going on - our perceptive children seem to realise that Mum and Dad often only get the chance to come to assembly when something like this is on the cards!

Apologies for the rubbish quality of the photos - 
I only had my iPhone and we were a long way away!

I still have very vivid memories of Noah getting his first award at school (you can visit the link to that post here) - after only three weeks at school - I'm just left wondering how is it even possible that was over three and a half years ago!

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