26 August 2011

Things I'm Loving 26.8.11

It must be a first for me not to have had a Things I'm Loving post wing its way to cyberspace first thing on a Friday morning. There's a few good reasons for being slow to post this week:

Wowed by WOW
Last night I was busy being WOWed at the World Of WearableArts show. And since you are not allowed to take ANY photos at all, I had to nick a few of my favourites out the programme. It was truly an amazing spectacle and I'm already planning how I could possibly take my mum along next year.

Oh and remember this jacket I was saving for the occasion?

It got a christening too. This was me rushing out the door as I was running late and taking a photo in the mirror on my iPhone whilst trying surreptitiously not to get the toilet seat in the shot either - classy!  :-)

First ever school award
I also wanted to wait and post after this:

Noah's teacher gave us a heads-up earlier in the week that Noah was getting an award in assembly so we were able to make the effort and work around our work days to be there. The junior syndicate took the whole assembly and it was great to see Noah singing his heart out up on stage with his classmates.

And to see him confidently walk up and shake the Principal's hand and stand on stage as the first name called out of the group receiving awards, well...pinch me, is this the same shy boy that we were worried about at the beginning of the year?

Settling In
And if this mama's heart wasn't already bursting after attending assembly, then when we got a letter in the post this afternoon from the Principal about how well he has settled in together with a glowing Beginning Report from his teacher, well it was all a bit much for me (in a good way of course!).

Here's a few excerpts:

Noah is a confident speaker. He enjoys sharing his ideas and experiences with others, especially adults. Noah is confident to ask interesting and sensible questions related to class discussions.

Noah has made excellent progress in reading. He is quickly learning new sight words and can locate these in the text. He is learning to self-correct so that he reads for meaning. He likes to share his ideas and thoughts about the texts he has read.

Noah takes a lot of care and pride in his writing work which is very neat. Noah has a solid understanding of the alphabet and related sounds. He is confident to apply this knowledge independently when writing a story. Noah always has an original and interesting topic that he is keen to write about.

Noah is working on developing his mathematical knowledge, and is learning different ways of joining and separating sets up to 10 using equipment. He is very good at rechecking his answers to make sure that he has it right. This is an excellent skill Noah.

Noah has settled extremely well to school. He is extremely polite and thoughtful. Noah is very independent and will try new tasks with a positive 'can do' attitude.  He has easily and quickly made new friendships at school. Noah is considerate towards others and understands the importance of waiting his turn in games and accepting ideas that may differ from his own.

Noah is a sensitive pupil who thrives on praise, encouragement and one-to-one attention. He has a great sense of humour and likes to have a joke. Noah is trying really hard with all his school work and this has resulted in fantastic progress in all areas. Noah is a pleasure to have in our class. Keep up the great effort with all your work Noah. You have had a wonderful start to school.

Love You's
And a loving post wouldn't be complete without an 'I love you' or two, right? This week Mylo started saying 'Love you Mummy' 'Love you Daddy' in return to ours.......

And yes my heart is pretty much one big melted puddle of love on the floor right now.

Hope you have found plenty of loving in your world this week. Link up with other lovelies here:


Nikki said...

I can't believe how well Noah is doing - I'm so proud of him! I knew he'd rock school!x

Leonie said...

Oh wow, what beautiful moments this week with your wee boy!! What a wonderful start to school he has had... awesome!
ANd loving those wearable art = especially the cookie cutters!!! cute!!!

Catching the Magic said...

Oh wow! How very, very wonderful! Such a super lovely week for you all and well done Noah! That's such great news and I'm so thrilled for you all.

So cute about Mylo too :)

And yah for WOW! I will go one year!!!

Brigitte said...

Of course you deserve to be a very proud mamma right now! I would have been sobbing in the assembly...!
That says a lot for your parenting also, well done!! :) xx

Unknown said...

Hooray for your little achiever! You are quite right to be proud.

Our littlest man has started saying 'love you' too. It sounds like more of a 'uff oo', which is even cuter!

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

This is beautiful! Yey for Noah doing so well at school - and for the lovely words from his teacher. Definitely some good parenting skills there :) Love your WoW coat, and Mylo saying he loves you back - awww!

Sammy said...

You must be so proud! What lovely little men you have.
Go Noah on doing so well at school and what a great school!

dearfutureme... said...

What clever and sweet boys you have! You must be doing a great job!

PaisleyJade said...

Loving it all!! Such a cute boy Noah is and so good to see him growing in confidence. Love your jacket and the wearable art pics look amazing!!!

Elizabeth said...

Awww to Mylo and WOW to Noah... what an amazing start to schooling! And how cool that the school sends letters out to you - awesome!!!!

jacksta said...

yay a chance to wear your jacket...althoughIm sure you coulda wore on your trip to Auckland ;)
Well done Noah

Miriam said...

Oh bless them both that is so adorable! So jealous I really want to go to the WOW..... maybe we should make a date next year??


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