17 August 2011

MNM's Make: Milksplosions

Warning: creative and super simple fun contained in this post! 

I read this fantastic idea on Renee's blog, Butterfly Kisses & Fairy Wishes a couple of weeks back and was dead keen to give it a try. The great thing is you'll have everything in the house if you want to give it a go too!

You will need:
Full fat milk
Food colouring (as few or many colours as you want)
Dishwashing liquid
A cotton bud
A saucer

Pour the milk into a saucer. Put a few drops of each colour of food colouring into the centre of the saucer.
Dip a cotton bud into the dishwashing liquid and then lightly dip it into the milk mixture and remove.Watch and see what happens!

Bound to thrill little and big people alike. I played with this for ages trying different variations even after the boys had long since moved onto the next activity!

Warning: Spoiler alert - if you are keen to try it out you might want to wait and not watch the video until later!

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