19 August 2011

Things I'm Loving 19.8.11

Maths Week
Last week was Maths Week at school. All the kids had to go 'themed' on Friday, so we made a little sandwich board. What other number would a proud five year old want to wear than FIVE?! But we did make an effort to count the buttons - there were 80 in case you were wondering. That's eighty times I lovingly glued a button to that cardboard! But it's good to see those free buttons from work getting some great mileage!

Letters in the mail
Two days after Noah started school this letter arrived in the mail for me. Aw, man - talk about a way to make this mumma smile!

Punch Buggies
We still spot punch buggies game every time we go out in the car, it's definitely a family tradition now. And how crazy that both sets of grandparents thought of a Punch Buggy for a present for Noah's birthday. It kinda reminds me of his first birthday when their great minds both independently thought of getting him a little Noah's ark playset with all the animals. But you can never love too many cool looking cars right?!

Go Bananas 
This is a new take on the classic Snap card game - and is such a fun game to play. It's especially great that you can play with up to five people. But you need to be on your toes looking out for a chance to 'Go Bananas' 'Gotcha Gator' and 'Splat' at every turn of the cards.

Riesling wine challenge
My good friend Tracey works at Te Awa winery in the Hawkes Bay and recently offered us a case of wine at a ridiculously good friends and family rate. What's special about this wine is that it's twelve different wines made by twelve different winemakers taking grapes from the same block and giving it their own distinctive take on the Reisling wine. The wines range from dry right through to sweet. My favourite is down the medium to medium sweet end of the spectrum and the first two bottles we drank were WOWEE! And given that we have drunk...ahem...five bottles in about 10 days it must be good. Yeah...so good we decided to order another case. That's us sorted for wine for the summer...and then some!

The last of the Great White
So long snow, it was fun while it lasted! Who knows if we'll see it like this again in this lifetime?!

This is a simply delightful video put together showing total joy this event brought to all in downtown Wellington on Monday lunchtime. Enjoy!

Another day, another city
Tonight I'll be laying my head to rest in another city, far far away. You know it'll actually be the first time I've been away from the two boys on my own. But you know what, I think I have plenty of fun adventures to look forward to. Enjoying the hospitality of my best friend from school Andrea and hanging out with her and the family for one, and also the prospect of meeting a whole bunch of dear friends for the first time in real life (I know that sounds weird...and only in blogland could that happen!) is filling me with a strange combination of extreme excitement and butterflies at the same!

Well friends I hope your week has been filled with things to love.

Link on up over at PJ's if you have some love to share!

And I can't believe I'll be meeting PJ in real life tomorrow.....eeek!


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