15 August 2011

Pinch Me!

I feel as if I've just lived through this day in a dream.

We don't get snow in Wellington. Period. Apparently this is a once-in-a-lifetime kinda event.

I was pretty glad this morning that I decided against the 6am walk in the dark to work, driving in at 7.30am with Mylo instead. Daycare then closed at lunchtime as a precaution so Mylo and I came home. He went off to zzzzzzz while I worked away on the laptop, periodically glancing out the window in disbelief at the snow interspersed with sleet coming down all afternoon.

Even the five minute drive to school pick-up was interesting with the snow coming down thick and fast. I had to take it very slowly as we live on the side of a hill. And come home time, Mark had to ditch our other car a couple of streets away after a taxi slid around our corner and got stuck.

So let me indulge (cos I can) for one more day in this fairy tale dream.

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