15 August 2011

Pinch Me!

I feel as if I've just lived through this day in a dream.

We don't get snow in Wellington. Period. Apparently this is a once-in-a-lifetime kinda event.

I was pretty glad this morning that I decided against the 6am walk in the dark to work, driving in at 7.30am with Mylo instead. Daycare then closed at lunchtime as a precaution so Mylo and I came home. He went off to zzzzzzz while I worked away on the laptop, periodically glancing out the window in disbelief at the snow interspersed with sleet coming down all afternoon.

Even the five minute drive to school pick-up was interesting with the snow coming down thick and fast. I had to take it very slowly as we live on the side of a hill. And come home time, Mark had to ditch our other car a couple of streets away after a taxi slid around our corner and got stuck.

So let me indulge (cos I can) for one more day in this fairy tale dream.


Simoney said...

Amazing huh?!?!
I am just loving watching the news and seeing all of NZ covered in white - even a few flakes in AKL!
But Wellington... awesome!

Anonymous said...

So fun
great video Meghan
love seeing the white stuff and winter attire as we sit in the sun with shorts and tanks tops lol

love and light

Brigitte said...

Oh wow that's so cool!! So beautiful. It looked like wonderful big soft flakes at one stage. Amazing how the world changes when it's snowing huh? A lovely blanket of white & peace descends upon the city.
Exciting time in NZ right now!
Keep warm and cosy :) xx

Jules said...

Great video. Very jealous of all that snow, wish I could be there to enjoy it!

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Wow - you got more snow than we did! So exciting; I love snow and it's very special that your boys got to experience it too. Love the picture of icicles on your heat pump!

Unknown said...

I love the magic of snow. The last couple of winters over here, we have had loads and loads of snow and record breaking low temperatures. Not much fun if you need to get anywhere but great fun to snuggle all cozy at home.


Sammy said...

Crazy times! Love the video. I haven't seen the snow- but apparently its been around. So cold though, brrr!


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