28 August 2011

I sense summer

Perhaps I'm a little premature, or just somewhat hopeful thinking about summer already, given that spring doesn't officially even start till Thursday.

But this past week of sunshine and lighter evenings have made me a believer. In the change of seasons. And the circle of life coming around full-circle once more.

It's no secret that summer is my favourite season. I mean what's not to love?

We have been favoured with a milder than usual winter, if you don't count that freakish snow visit the other week. That could be why I've found it easier than normal not to wish the past few months away like I normally would.

But I think the credit for this winter being more bearable also has a lot has to do with the weekly dose of sensational summer photos displayed on Alicia and Kristi's weekly Crazy Days of Summer link-ups. I haven't been able to participate these past few weeks but as this is the very last week, I decided not to wait any longer to get my summer senses tingling with anticipation.

So awaken oh my soul. Let every sense come alive with:

Dreaming in fields

The blooms of our national Christmas tree (pohutukawa)

Excursions in pyjamas to watch Christmas lights

Wildflowers in summer haze

Picnics in parks

Sandy covered bodies

Learning to ride

Strawberries and cream

Jandals and sandals

Rolling in warm grass

Barefoot walks bathed in setting sun

So Summer, 
don't be a stranger, 
Come right in. 
You are very welcome here. 

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