02 August 2011

1826 reasons

There are 1826 reasons why I love you. It's the days your heart has been beating upon this earth.

And for every day you've been in my world, I've been learning the meaning of true love.
For every hour you've been in my world, the world is brighter.
For every minute you've been in my world, joy comes easier.
And for every second you've been in my world, my heart beats stronger.
You are a gift from a loving and generous God.

Just a very quickly thrown together snapshot of life that captures the essence of Noah

And we are blessed to be your Mummy and Daddy.

Happy 5th Birthday!


PaisleyJade said...

Happy birthday Noah - and well done to his amazing parents!

p.s. love that song!
p.p.s. We always loved the name Noah for a boy!

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

ooooh I got goosebumps!!! So much love. Love the pics and love that song too. Awesome and well done to ALL of you!! xx

Nikki said...

Happy birthday gorgeous boy! Give Noah a big hug from me :) xx

Tracey said...

WOW _ tears to my eyes. Beautiful Meg. Happy happy Birtday to Noah - i cant quite believe its been 5 years. Good luck for school today xox

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful boy! Happy birthday Noah!

Renee said...

Gorgeous! I always make these on my girls birthdays too - I love pulling together pictures and memories to special music and seeing them grow up before your eyes. What a lovely journey you've had together, what wonderful parents you are, what a gorgeous little boy. I love the name Noah :-)

Elizabeth said...

Awww - happy birthday Noah! Hope your first day at school went well!

Awesome as usual Meghan, one day I hope I can take photos and put together beautiful tributes like you!

Penny said...

Lovely work Meghan. Five is a big milestone, for them and us! Good luck over next few weeks.


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