16 March 2008

Big Crash

'Big Crash' is the word of the week for Noah. Or if it isn't 'Big Crash' where he throws himself around in great exuberance, it's 'Big Splash' in the bath at night accompanied by as much water leaving the bath as possible. Anything that can be 'big' this week generally is, 'Big Truck', 'Big Whale' etc.

He has been a little bit of a monkey this week though, crying when going down to bed 4 nights in a row. The amount of dribbling and hands in mouth suggest those troublesome last molars are probably on their way and from experience it does disturb him a wee bit, so we'll just have to bear with it. Having said that we managed to get him down no trouble last night (Sat) so it might be just an intermittent thing we have to deal with over the next wee while.

Otherwise, it has been a very much relieved household this week after our decision is now made to stay in the house. I've been able to focus on my study getting through a decent number of hours, Mark's had a few nights out and spent some of the weekend at the cricket (however he seems to have been revelling in England's success a little too exuberantly for my liking). And this weekend we have done absolutely NO cleaning..to be fair the house probably could have done with a bit of a vacuum and tidy but to not HAVE to do it for an open home today has felt like such a luxury that we've resisted any mad urges to race around and clean quite successfully!

Mark had his annual APX client 'Amazing Race' event on Friday afternoon and evening and one of the events involved a kayak out to a buoy in a harbour to 'Free Willy', a giant blow-up whale. Mark couldn't resist bringing it home and Noah has enjoyed cuddling and riding and crashing off Willy all weekend. As you can imagine from the size of Willy, Mark was a little green around the gills after blowing it up totally under his own steam yesterday morning!

With only 5 weeks to go until the big trip, we're doing all we can to educate Noah about the airport and what it will be like to be there amongst all the hustle and bustle of people, airplanes, shops, baggage trolleys, and other machinery. Whilst Mark did the grocery shopping, Noah and I spent a really lovely hour at the airport, watching planes taxiing, diggers digging and scooping concrete into a dump truck, baggage trolleys taking baggage to and fro between the aircraft and the terminal, and tankers transporting fuel around the airport. Noah was particularly interested in the bags coming out on the baggage carousel from behind the curtains and seeing people then pick them up and take them away. Then we left the airport on foot and found the underpass tunnel that goes right under the runway and comes out at our usual plane spotting location where we met Daddy with all the shopping.

Saturday afternoon, we went down to the waterfront and took the opportunity of free parking whilst getting our tyre checked to watch some dragon boat racing, and saw not ONE but TWO helicopters take off to film footage of the powerboat racing which was also on in the harbour. Noah had a few minutes fun on a merry go round before he decided it was all a bit too scary, cried his eyes out and we had to get him off - that's so our boy!!! Then Noah and Daddy went to the cricket for a couple of hours, leaving me to crack on with a couple of hours study.

Today, we headed down to the Italian Food Festival, but we thought it was a little overpriced compared to the Greek Festival a few weeks ago, and didn't stay too long. Then Mark headed off to the cricket, was home again for lunch, and then back to the cricket for the afternoon. It was a good day for England so a good day to be watching! Noah and I headed off this afternoon to the Kilbirnie pool to try out the brand new Spray Pool. The pool at Kilbirnie pool is the main Aquatic Centre for the greater Wellington region and the new kids' Spray Pool only opened last month. It is a really fantastic venue, with Spray Jets, a water SeeSaw, an animated aquarium, overhead buckets which empty water out, and various other cool water-related activities. Noah was (as usual) very unsure of all the noise and action and didn't appreciate being bombarded on all sides by the water to begin with, but once we headed over to the toddler pool, he soon found his stride. He found a mini stream flowing from a mini fountain and had great delight in sitting in the little pools that were created along the stream, and enjoyed putting his hand over top of the fountain and watching the water spray out everywhere. Unfortunately as I was on my own I couldn't get any action shots of him enjoying the pool so here's one I nabbed from the pool's website instead.

Otherwise, we've had a really great weekend, enjoying webcams with both grandparents as well as GeeGee and Nic (over from Oz for the weekend), and we're already loving the fact that next weekend is not that far away and will be long one to boot!

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