23 March 2008

We're going on a Easter Egg Hunt

This has been an up and down week for Noah - his teeth have certainly been giving him grief as evidenced by his waking two nights at midnight in obvious pain. It has continued to be tricky getting him down to sleep at night too, and after nearly two weeks of having to either wait in the room for him to fall asleep or standing just outside the door where he still could see us, we have made a decision to take more of a tougher stance rather than getting into a really bad habit that we can't break. Tonight we left him for about 20 minutes, and I have to say I have never heard screaming like it, it was pretty distressing. Mark then went in 4 times over the next 20 minutes to let him know he was not being abandoned and to try to calm him down. After the 4th time he didn't cry again and fell asleep. Knowing it's for his good is one thing, but having to live through the pain of teaching him is quite another, and this can make it extremely hard to justify to yourself exactly why you're doing it, as no parent likes to hear their child so upset, it is quite heartbreaking. After tonight's episode lasting 40 minutes, we just hope it will get easier from here on in.

Now onto a lighter note.......other than sleep issues we're enjoying a lovely relaxing Easter weekend together, Friday morning was a trip to the ducks for Mark & Noah, then in the afternoon we went for a walk around the local area finding Noah plenty of fresh wild blackberries before ending up at the park for some fun on the slides. I was given the task of hanging off a rather steep slope to get all the berries that no other sucker had managed to reach...and with good reason..it was more than a little scary surrounding by horrible thorny bushes and a very steep drop below! It was probably a little silly in retrospect but Noah did so enjoy the berries that it was kind of worth the risk! We are always so surprised at how little use our park gets, here we were on Good Friday afternoon at about 3pm with not much else open on a public holiday and yet we had the place to ourselves as we often do...which was brilliant!

On Saturday morning Noah and I spent another hour or so at the airport, having fun watching all the people, planes and activity. He definitely remembered his trip from last week as the first thing he wanted to find was the digger we had seen the week before, but alas it was not there this week, he did however remember the 'lollies' aka baggage trollies and pointed these out to me proudly. Saturday afternoon we went to one of Noah's daycare buddies 2-year birthday party at Hataitai Community House. It was a good fun afternoon and Noah particularly enjoyed getting in the rowboat and singing 'Row Row Row your Boat' especially the line 'If you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream' with a great amount of accompanied screaming and hand waving going on!

Sunday morning we went to church together and then had Shannon and Guy over for lunch - the first time they've had a day off together not working at their furniture store in a very long time. When Noah woke up from his nap Daddy 'hid' some easter eggs and a chocolate rabbit so we spent a lovely few minutes going around the garden tracking down all the eggs. Noah caught onto the idea very quickly and was so chuffed with himself each time he found another egg!

Daddy outlines the aim of the game to Noah....

And then Noah's off, searching searching to see how many eggs he can find....

And a great look of enjoyment as he gets to eat the spoils of the game!

This morning Noah and I discovered two spiderwebs or 'mymyweb' as he called them whilst we were watering the garden. He was very gentle and took note of what I said about just looking with our eyes and not touching it or we'd hurt the spider...this afternoon he also was most interested in a spider that he found crawling across the carpet and was happy to watch it running across his hands after Daddy (being braver than me) picked it up for him!

We couldn't resist leaving this week's post with a little clip of Noah's first ever Easter egg hunt today.....

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