02 March 2008


This has been a very enjoyable week for Master Noah. He had the pleasure of being looked after by Nana & Poppa for 2 whole days which was a first for just the three of them together. Noah warmed to them both very quickly and had a lovely smile for them only minutes after they arrived at daycare with Mummy to pick him up on Wednesday afternoon.

By all accounts they had a fab time, doing lots of book reading (I think every book in the shelf came out several times over), playing with balloons, going for a walk to see the two cranes down at the university, playing at the park and coming to see Mummy at her lawn bowls work event on Friday afternoon.

The most classic moment of their trip would have to be the moment when Noah accidentally popped a balloon he was playing with...to which Nana said 'Bother!' and Noah promptly repeated 'Bother!' back. Since then he has on several occasions thrown his arms down and said 'Bother' with great gusto knowing he would get a response of laughter from all of us.

Saturday we enjoyed our usual trip to the shops, detouring to drop Nana and Poppa off at their friends' house in Hataitai to catch up with them for an hour. These were special friends who they knew from their university days and who actually performed their marriage 30-something years ago, so it was neat for them to see them for the first time in several years.

Saturday afternoon we took a trip to Karori Pool (with Poppa brave enough to join in on the action too!) Alas, even with Nana along as a spectator and the perfect opportunity to take photos we did not manage any pool pics as all the camera batteries we could find around the house were flat and had to go onto charge whilst we were swimming... so we'll have to save those for another day!

I dropped Nana & Poppa off at the airport on Saturday night, we cooked up some meals to freeze for Noah's dinners, and then enjoyed a quiet night in with a game of real live table Scrabble (we're so used to Facebook Scrabulous now that it was a little odd playing a proper game!) Mark thrashed me soundly, but I don't think I really stood a chance when he got rid of all his letters and scored 76 points on the first round!

Today was our third and final open home so after a lovely Happy UK Mothers Day webcam with Grandma & Grandad we raced around getting things tidy before heading off to Baba Jules again for a spot of lunch - Crispy Pork Belly by Chef Mark and Date Scones c/o Jules and the Edmonds cookbook - it was the first time Jules had ever made scones - I can't believe it!

This afternoon we debated whether to go into town for a look around the waterfront, but in the end we stayed put at home firstly enjoying some fun with the tents and tunnels and then took a stroll up to the park later on. Noah revelled in the tunnel slide throwing himself down forwards and then backwards and then towards the end threw Mummy's jandals down and chased after them! On the way home we stumbled upon some wild blackberries which Noah happily ate staining his face and hands a nice shade of pink!

Two more groups through at open home today, although the agent is not sure how interested they were as he has yet to get their feedback. As it stands, he tender closes on Wednesday and at this stage we are not certain that we will even have any offers, let alone any that are near to what we would be prepared to sell at. Due to various events this week both Mark and I are starting to feel fairly strongly that we are not meant to sell the house at this time, which we are MORE than happy with if we are honest. The thought of having to pack up and organise a house move in the 6 weeks we have left before going to the UK as well as getting ready for our big trip is less than appealing, particularly when my study is about to start any day now. We are certain that God has it all under control, even though staying the house appears not to be as beneficial financially as selling, there are many other intangible factors which are equally as important to us such as continuing to enjoy the life we lead here in a beautiful home that is very easy to look after, allows us to entertain and have family to stay, has fantastic views and gives us the opportunity to walk to work. In addition, keeping our stress levels at much lower levels by not having to go through a house move right now is also a huge factor.

Anyway, it is all very much in God's hands and we are both feeling very relaxed about the week ahead all things considered. So watch this space...

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