23 February 2008

Scrumptious Summer Fun

It would have been so easy to have let an opportunity such as yesterday afternoon pass us by. With all that is going on with the house and trying to return it to looking immaculate in time for the open home the past two weeks, our Saturdays have been so taken up with cleaning/tidying/de-cluttering that we could almost be considered boring!

However, we treated ourselves to our first! trip to the beach as a family for the summer for a couple of hours late this afternoon and had some great fun in the sand building sandcastles, a moat, and trying (unsuccessfully!) to get Noah into the sea. He is such a funny wee boy and so uncertain of new experiences. I guarantee if we did it another 2-3 times he'd probably be fine with it so we just didn't worry about pushing it too far today.

We went down to Island Bay, and joined a fair few other locals with the same idea. We were joined after half an hour or so by a little girl called Lilly (about 3 years old) who helped us with our construction. You wouldn't have known that we were the adults and she was the child though as we were very thoroughly bossed around as to what was to happen!We actually thought it was a little sad that this wee girl wasn't spending time with her parents, we asked her where they were and her dad appeared to be sitting 20 or so metres away but didn't appear to be very interested in what she was doing. After we left the beach we went across the road to check out the awesome playground, and Noah raced around on all the various equipment until Daddy showed up with icecreams for us all to share.

And a lovely couple of hours was had by all!

It was very hot trying to sleep last night and still very warm today. Noah and I had a lovely morning at home together whilst Mark went out to Karapoti for a mountain bike ride. Yesterday was actually exactly one year since Mark's knee mishap, we remembered this on our way to the shops as we happened to drive past the spot I had to rescue him from to take him to hospital at about the exact same time of the day. Aahh it feels good to be a year on from that!

This morning Noah and I did more cleaning/sweeping/tidying, made some lemon muffins, enjoyed a coffee and fluffy together and then undertook damage control to try and keep the house from getting trashed too much before we left it empty for the open home. Not sure how successful I was as I think I ended up cleaning the kitchen about 4 times this morning! We went off to Baba Jules house for a sleep/lunch and then were back at 2pm to catch up with our dear friends Tracey/Dayne and kids (Cam & Mikayla). We were meant to go up to see them in the Hawkes Bay last weekend and were sad when that didn't work out, so it was really LOVELY to be able to spend the afternoon hanging out together. The kids had a great time all playing together including Cam & Noah going outside in the rain to jump in puddles.

Two groups through the open home this week - the agent said that was indicative of all his open homes this week, but apparently both groups seemed pretty keen so that is good?! (depending on how you look at it) news.

In other fun this week, Noah THOROUGHLY enjoyed playing with bubbles in bathtime so much so that Mark managed to snap these beaut pics of him....

eating 'wheels' for breakfast aka Cheerios and playing with George I, II and Nina (his name for Georgina) in bed.

The cutest story of the week is Noah and the 'moush'. Yesterday morning as I was sweeping up in the garden I saw that Murphy had left the back end of a mouse in the courtyard...nice! I yelled to Mark 'there's half a mouse here to clean up when you get a minute'. Noah hadn't seen it as what was there didn't really look anything like a mouse, but for the rest of the day, he was asking 'moush?' 'moush?' as in 'where's the mouse?' We think this stems from a couple of weeks ago when Murphy had brought in a live mouse and as it was in pretty good spirits we showed it to Noah for a few minutes whilst Daddy had a firm grasp of its tail, and did the sign for mouse, before he then helped Daddy let it go free in the garden. Not sure if it was the same mouse yesterday (horrible thought as it was kinda cute!) but hearing Noah say (imagine Dutch/Belgian accent and you get the drift) 'moush' was one of those lovely moments you want to remember as a parent!

We get to look forward to Nana and Poppa coming to visit us this week, staying Wednesday through Saturday so Noah will get to enjoy some quality time with the two of them on Thursday and Friday. He is so aware now of who people are, just yesterday in the supermarket he was sure that he had seen 'Geegee' (aka an older lady with glasses and grey hair in the supermarket - bless!), we had to keep saying 'yes it does look like Geegee but it's not Geegee'. So no doubt if we mention Nana and Poppa are coming between now and Wednesday it will definitely stick with him too!

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