03 February 2008


Short and sweet this week. So much of our focus has been on what we are going to do about selling/renting or doing nothing that we have been able to think of little else. We have had 3 separate real estate agents to visit to try and ascertain who we would use if we do decide to sell, and at this stage (Sunday evening) we are selling, not selling/renting and staying put!!! So pretty much we still have NO IDEA!!

I(Mark) was up in the big smoke for 2 days this week (a course on teams and leadership) which was really good, so poor old Meg had a full on couple of days holding the fort and she did a awesome job. Also, I went to the Wellington Sevens yesterday (I dressed up as a member of the Harlem Globetrotters), spending yet more time away from Meg and Noah. From the reports they had a great time, entertaining friends from her church hospitality team.

So as you can imagine, today was a long overdue daddy day care day.....

First up it was a trip to a kids play centre called Junglerama (where I play indoor netball!!) for a one of Noah's friends from daycare (George's) birthday. In his usual way, Noah was timid and clingy for the first 5-10 minutes, and then I couldn't stop him running off and having heaps of fun. The food was served (a box of fried goodies) and Noah was last man standing at the table...packing in as much as he could (I actually had to stop him from eating more!). I also think it was one of the first times he had drunk a cold drink through a straw...very funny to watch his facial expressions and the bemusement of actually getting drink into his mouth. We then had another 30 minutes of fun and games on the equipment and it was time for home and a sleep.

After a sleep we all shared lunch, although Noah was less than hungry and then a trip to the pool to give mum a bit of a rest. Noah loved the pool again and it was fascinating watching him share a ball with a little boy who was 4 years old. I think daycare has taught him to interact with other children and it really is a joy to watch. After a swim, me and Noah went to watch Jonny play cricket and we were very lucky to see him walk out to bat and hit a few runs.

Anyway....enough said, a decision needs to be made so please think of us, give us advice, pray for us etc etc etc, as we really need guidance and to make a decision on this so we can move forward with whatever we choose to do.

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