11 February 2008


This weekend has seen us racing round doing all sorts of preparation for selling... yes we have finally decided to go for it after several weeks of indecision.

We began the weekend by the usual trip to the supermarket but also stopped off at Chocolate Frog cafe for a muffin/breakfast and to pick up a few plants to pop in the gaps in the garden, it really is amazing what $18 and a bit of colour will do to spruce up an area.

After lunch Mark went off to be hosted at the cricket for the day, so me and Noah hung out in the garden, sandpit and paddling pool, achieving a lot in a few short hours (tidy garden, mopped entranceways, swept garage, and a general tidy of the house). Then I had 5 girlfriends round for a potluck dinner and a fashion workshop which was a really fun girly evening together.

My most memorable moment of Saturday though has to be Noah bouncing on the bed upstairs, and then deciding that he wanted to go to 'sleep' which involved getting a pillow in position, lying down, pulling the duvet up over himself and closing his eyes very tightly shut! He did this several times until Mummy either said 'boo' or tickled him after which he would dissolve into fits of giggles...too cute!

Sunday I was busy on hospitality most of the day but Mark and Noah had their usual Sunday morning fun at the ducks and playground, and a few passing showers gave Noah an added opportunity to enjoy splashing in some puddles.

The pics today are, I think, Noah's very FIRST face painting experience, I arrived at daycare tonight to find no children but various little animals prowling the centre. Noah had great fun saying 'RRRAAAAAHHH' to himself in the mirror when he got home tonight too.

I also couldn't resist (although it has used up most of the last of our monthly bandwidth but too bad!) posting a video of Noah and Daddy doing their own version of the haka recently..what fun!

Well I'll post this for now so I can head off to bed, but will add the link to our house once it's up on open2view.com which should be sometime tomorrow with a bit of a blurb about our potential sale process too.

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