12 February 2008

On the Market

So we are now...officially... on the market. Below is the link to the open2view website with the blurb and pictures taken yesterday. We were very fortunate to even be able to get any outdoor shots as we had a torrential downpour with thunder and lightning for an hour between 4-5am Monday morning in which 20 mm of rain fell, so we were a bit dubious about what the weather would be like by midday when the photographer was due. I even heard that a house in Khandallah which is only 10km away from us got struck by lightning and it completely fried all the wiring and every appliance in the house.
Link to photos is: http://www.nz.open2view.com/Property/174728

I had to laugh when I saw Murphy in two of the pictures, I had said to Mark before I they were put on the Internet that I wondered if our friendly feline would prove to be a nuisance and manage to con his way into any of the shots...kinda cute at the same time though!
Now it's a simply 3-weeks of wait and see whilst we continue pray and believe in God that we have made the right decision for us as a family.

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