06 February 2008

Wonderful Waitangi Day

Today was a holiday day off which felt very strange for a Wednesday. After a cold couple of days when a rogue southerly storm blew through Wellington, it was nice to have the sun back again!

We're still not 100% sure on our decision re the house but we're leaning more towards selling assuming we can come to an agreement with Jules around the logistics of it all, so we're holding fire for a few days until we can suss it all out. So for today's news..

We had a lovely webcam this morning with Grandma, James, Ann-Marie and cousin Jack. Noah had fun showing off his various tractors, trucks and planes through the screen. Then we did some cleaning (with a view to getting the house ready for open homes), and enjoyed the usual morning coffee which was not complete without a fluffy for Noah of course!

Then we headed down to the botanical gardens for a picnic with our antenatal group. It is the first time we've all managed to get together for about six or seven months, and was wonderful to hear what everyone has been up to, and to see all the kids (definitely can't call them babies any more!) playing and interacting. The photos aren't altogether wonderful as with hats on and such active toddlers as the subject matter, it is pretty hard to capture the moment!

We then dashed home to put Noah down for a much later nap than usual, and then once he was up and about headed out once more for a lovely swim in Karori Pool and then onto Sarah, Paul and Riley's to see them all for probably the last time before they head off to Melbourne for a year or so for Paul's work.
And back to work tomorrow it is......

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