17 February 2008

Tidy House


Our house has never been as clean or tidy as it has been the past few days (but no thanks to Noah!) If anyone did try tell me how much 'fun' it is trying to keep everything tidy and clean for selling a house with a toddler in tow, I'm not sure I paid any attention! Everytime we put one thing away in a cupboard to reduce clutter, we turn around and something else has been pulled out to play with instead! All good fun really. In addition to the 11 groups that came through at the first open home, we also had 2 different groups through yesterday who weren't able to make it to the open home today. The agent was 'reasonably happy' with the turnout, he said it is what he would have expected for just the one ad in the paper so far. He said he'll have more news for us about people's feedback on Tuesday or Wednesday so we'll just have to wait for that.

This week Noah had a short week (as did I) after an hour of vomiting on Thursday night just as we left daycare. At the time it was a bit stressful as we weren't sure how we'd get home given that the usual walk up the hill was out of the question. Luckily, Mark put on his Superhero Daddy outfit and ran all the way home, jumped in the car and came back to collect us. During this time Noah and I hung out in Mark's staff kitchen, with me trying to keep him comforted, calm and distracted and catch each bout of vomiting in a bowl. The YouTube video of Noah and Daddy doing the haka came in VERY handy as we watched it over and over while waiting for Daddy to arrive in the car. And when we got home it was as if it had never happened, Noah ate a piece of toast, had a shower, usual bottle of milk and off to bed. Even though he seemed totally fine in the morning, we had a lovely Mummy & son day together since daycare have a 'no-go' policy for 48 hours after any vomiting episodes. I have to say I quite enjoyed the short week, and am quite getting used to them after all the public holidays already this year!


We enjoyed a trip out to Plimmerton to visit Marissa & Magnus, and Noah was well entertained in the car all the way there by the umpteen trucks and trains we saw on the journey. Saturday we went down to the Greek Food Festival, and the bifteki was so good we had to have another piece! Late on Saturday afternoon we went down to Havana Bar for a bit of 70's fun for Mark's friend Lucy's 30th birthday. Noah had a great time sticking his head underneath a dripping gutter to get wet, and devouring every bit of food in sight!

Today, we all enjoyed a family outing to church, then it was off to Jules for lunch and a nap for Noah whilst the open home was on. Mark then had a game of netball late this afternoon so Noah and I took a walk up to the park, giving the new umbrella stroller its first ride-out. It was very easy to use and so much lighter than our other one so hopefully it will come in very handy for our UK trip in 2 months' time. Noah is just so confident at the park now, it was a joy to see him running between the swing, roundabout, seesaw and slides and wanting to have a go on everything! He was super confident even going down the big slides on his own which forced Mummy to have to go down beside him to make me a little more comfortable at him flying down on his own!


We have a busy week ahead, netball Monday, Meg out to watch Juno with Sarah on Tuesday, Meg out to Hospitality Leaders meeting whilst Mark hosts his team for a poker night Wednesday, dinner out together for our 4-year wedding anniversary on Thursday, and then HOPEFULLY a quiet weekend to end the week!

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