10 August 2008

Finding fun on cold, cold winter days

We are beginning to wonder if winter will ever end, as we had yet another horrible storm blow through this weekend, I think that makes about 4 weekends in a row we have had simply awful weather. We're sure yesterday was the coldest day so far, I don't think it reached more than 6 degrees in Wellington all day.

The weather hasn't stopped us from having a fun-filled week though, what with Noah's birthday party at daycare on Tuesday, and the weekend started off with a lovely surprise visit from Allie. What amazed us though was that Noah jumped straight on her lap asking her to read his book of the moment 'All Afloat on Noah's Boat', and he seemed so at home with her that we can't help but wonder if she reminded him of Baba (they are sisters after all, and there is definitely some family resemblances there - hopefully we don't offend either by saying that!)

Then Tracey & Dayne & kids came for a late lunch and we spent a fun afternoon indoors. It was great to catch up as we hadn't seen them since February, come to think of it last time they came to visit it was raining too so we haven't exactly been able to put on the weather for them! Nevertheless we had great fun adding two more trains to Noah's collection (Stepney & Henry - thanks to the Eastes), and it was good fun seeing all 4 trains zooming/chugging at various speeds around the track.

Later in the afternoon we somehow ended up rolling around the lounge having a family tickle competition, which had us all breathless with laughter. Nothing like making your own fun on a cold and rainy day I say!


This morning dawned bright and clear, although I nearly had to pinch myself to believe it lookng out the window this morning. Mark shot out for a quick ride to Makara whilst Mummy & Noah danced the time away to 'If You're Happy and You Know It and 'Ring a Ring o Roses'. When Daddy returned we headed off to church together, and this afternoon we took advantage of the glorious (albeit rather chilly) day to put our annual zoo passes to use. It was the first visit for Mark, and Noah (the old hat) was able to tell Daddy which animals were coming up next. It was particularly interesting to see the zebras really galloping around their enclosure, kicking their heels up and generally galivanting around. It was as if they were so excited to finally have a fine day that they couldn't help but let off some excited energy. This is probably going to sound a little silly but we couldn't help but think that all the animals looked so very relieved that it wasn't raining, and every animal we saw had found a spot in the sun and was making the most of the day. Even the little red pandas had managed to climb up high in the trees to find some sunshine.


Then it was home and time for Daddy to try out Uncle James' toad-in-the-hole foolproof batter recipe. Mark has been most disappointed at all the various recipes for it he has tried so far, and had started blaming our oven for the very mediocre results it had produced. However, this time it was smiles all round and Noah/Daddy's joint effort at making the batter recipe proved a winner!

Noah was very cute this afternoon, and was absolutely full of beans (more so than usual!) when we got home from the zoo. There's a page in the new Noah's Ark book where 'the frogs were doing hyper-hops, jumping all over the table tops'. Well Noah decided to do some hyper-hopping (or 'happy-hopping' as he called it) all over the lounge/kitchen for about ten minutes, I was tired just watching him!

At dinner time today, Daddy reinacted the chimpanzees we saw today for Noah, and had him in absolute fits of giggles, I don't know which was more amusing, seeing Mark make an absolute idiot of himself or seeing Noah laugh so hard he could hardly breathe! Unfortunately we only got this videoed on the second take, Noah was laughing a lot harder the first time round. Mark will probably kill me for putting this on here...oh well..whilst I've got the computer, I've got the control!

But the absolute best news this week is hearing all the good reports from England of Grandma's recovery progress. Keep up the good work Grandma, we're with you all the way!

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