17 August 2008

Thunder, lightning and marble sized hail stones!!

Pretty uneventful week with more late nights than we can both remember and not due to illness!! Yes the Olympics has really taken hold of us and we have been glued (well I have been glued - Meg has been studying/glued) to the TV since the games started. Got to say it, those Chinese know how to put it on for the world...but is it really worth spending all that cash??

As for the title of this blog....we have witnessed 3 thunder storms this week, with one yielding marble sized hail....just glad we weren't out in it but we did collect a few bits for posterity and put them in the freezer so we can prove they were actually that big!

Noah has had his first full week at daycare for goodness knows how long and we are really hoping that he will continue to fight off colds and bugs for a bit longer. We've noticed since our trip to the Zoo last weekend that he's been really active this week with heaps of singing, dancing and running around the house at a rate of knots!! This is great to watch (as parents) as we are keen to encourage him to enjoy being active whether it's sports, dancing or general play.

Meg had her penultimate workshop for her PAS certification on Friday and Saturday, so Saturday morning was a chance for Noah and Daddy to spend some time together. Meg's workshop went OK overall and I think we are all starting to feel the end is in sight....

As for Daddy and Noah, very much a normal Saturday morning and a trip to the supermarket, a visit to the Warehouse (to buy nothing??) and then Animates (a pet shop where we got Murphy) to waste half an hour spying on all kinds of animals from Lizards, Turtles and Fish to Rabbits, Birds and Dogs...Noah loved them all (although we steered clear of the bigger dogs!!!).

After a sleep, we picked Mum up from her workshop and went home for an afternoon in the garden (shock horror...nice weather in Welly!!!). We did a bit of clearing up and gardening, while Noah (kind of) helped. We also played with a ball in the driveway and learnt (or tried to learn) about not going on the road.....don't worry, we'll keep drumming it into him.


Sunday was very relaxed....a bike ride for daddy in the morning, mum did a bit of cleaning (again she had a little helper..!!) and then a trip to a garden centre to get a base for a new pot Meg bought a couple of weeks ago. Whilst I was out on my bike, Meg and Noah played the whole time (so about an hour) in the garden, we had nearly forgotten what it feels like to be able to do that! The weather today even beat yesterday and playtime was followed by a coffee sitting in the sun (we can almost feel spring on it's way....or at least we are hoping). During our trip to the garden centre, we decided to stop off at the beach (in the rain - yes the weather took a bit of a turn late this afternoon) to go and see if we could find anything in the rock pools? Noah was fasciniated although a big wave that came crashing in scared us both witless and I felt like a mother koala with her baby clutched to her body walking away from the rock pools!!

Well sorry to cut it short there...The Olymics is hotting up, 3 more golds for Team GB today (Sunday) and I feel more to come.

(Meg interjects: Hey let's not forget NZ's 5 medals yesterday and our most successful medal haul in one day in the Olympics ever!) Special big ups to Mahe, the twins and Valerie!

A quick note to end on for Grandma..keep up the positive attitude and you'll be back fighting hard soon (gosh, I make you sound like a boxer....ha ha!!) We all send you heaps of love and hugs....

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