31 August 2008

What's That?


We have a new question from our 'darling' 2 year old boy....What's that? A question we have come to hear two to three hundred times this week (and you think i'm exaggerating...think again...!!). In all fairness, we find it pretty cute, although it can get testing when asked over and over about the same thing.

A busy week for us, I for one was knee deep in reports and Meg was working/studying/being a mum/saying good bye to her team (who have all left M-co) and helping the auditors. In the meantime Noah just chilled out at daycare (probably busy enough for a two year old mind you).

On Friday I witnessed one of the most beautiful things yet in being a father. Meg stayed late after work to have a few drinks with her team, so it was a daddy pick up night. I arrived at daycare and couldn't see Noah anywhere. I have gotten used to a little boy running towards me (once he spots me), however tonight there was no little boy but instead a ferocious LION....I think the photos sum up perfectly what I saw and I couldn't stop smiling about him dressed up all weekend.


A fairly action packed weekend was had by all, starting with the usual Saturday morning jaunt to the supermarket and to see the planes. It was blowing a southerly, so after a couple of minutes of watching the planes, we decided to go and look at the waves crashing on Lyall Bay. Again, it was pretty cold but the waves had a fair smattering of 'die hard' surfers. Meg managed to catch up with some of her good friends on Saturday lunchtime at Astoria in town. Noah and I played outside in the sun (yes sun!!!) for a while and then had 'peggy toast' for lunch (Noah talk for soft boiled egg and soldiers).


When mum got home and Noah had woken up from his sleep, we went back to Karori Pool for our second swim in two weeks!! This time there was no nervous little boy taking to the water, but a very confident one and after an hour he was coaxed out of the pool with the promise of some ice cream after dinner. It was fantasic to see him loving the water so much and I think we realise that we must keep the pool trips up to make sure he continues his love for swimming (although probably not every week).


I managed a cheeky ride to the Wind Turbine and Hawkins Hill on my mountain bike this morning and then we all went to church as a family. My church experience is usually 10-15 minutes of singing with mummy, then I take Noah to creche. I haven't managed to leave him there yet so I can rejoin Meg, so I find myself looking after 3, 4 or more kids (and Noah) at creche. After an hour or so of reading books, playing with wooden trains etc etc we rejoin mummy for some more songs and then head off home.

With no plans on Sunday afternoon we played in the garden (getting rid of the water in the sand pit - well it was playing for Noah!!) and washed the outdoor windows. This hadn't been done for probably 5 months and was much needed - lets just hope we don't get a week of poor weather and we get to enjoy our clean windows for at least the next week!! To top it all off me and Noah decided a trip to the park was in order. The park was empty (much to our delight and strange seeing how good the weather was) and we had heaps of fun. I took a small ball with a tail on it (a bit like a comet?) and we chased each other with it. Noah was running around like a 'mad man' shouting - MY BALL, MY BALL whilst I tried to get it from him.


This weekend, Noah also had a great hand in helping Daddy cook cornish (although apparently we can't call them that unless they're made in Cornwall) pasties on Saturday night, and fajitas on Sunday night.

Well on to another week, no doubt it will be equally as busy and challenging in different ways for us all!

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